Founder’s Perspective: Building Josys for the Global Market

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By: Yasukane Matsumoto, CEO, Josys

Hello, I’m Yasukane Matsumoto, but please call me Yasu. As the founder of Josys, I’m thrilled to share our mission to redefine IT operations for new-age businesses, globally. 

The Genesis of Josys and the New Chapter Of Growth

I started my first company, Raksul, in 2009 just a couple years after graduating college. It is an online platform for printing that I took public at a $1B valuation in 2018. But my entrepreneurial journey did not stop there. After seeing how the world had changed during the pandemic, I founded Josys to simplify the complexity of IT operations. Since our prototype in 2021, we’ve been laser-focused on creating a globally applicable SaaS and device management platform to empower businesses everywhere into automating and streamlining their IT operations.

The swift expansion we experienced early on was a clear signal of the market’s demand for our innovative solution, culminating in a substantial $32 million Series A funding in September 2022. However, that was merely the first chapter. With great pride, I announced the latest milestone in our narrative just one year later—a groundbreaking fundraising of $93 million. This marks not just a continuation but an escalation of our journey.


Strategic Expansion and Understanding the Global IT Landscape

Our expansion is strategic and thoughtful. We are enhancing our product to cater to an English-speaking audience while learning how the specific needs of diverse markets can have global impact. For instance, the insights from our US team have sparked features like MSP capabilities that, while inspired locally, are designed for global use. Our teams in the USA, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and our home ground, Japan, drive this evolution, ensuring that Josys transcends language barriers and is culturally attuned to serve businesses worldwide.

The challenge of understanding the varied needs of non-Japanese businesses is one we embrace wholeheartedly. We are not just translating our service but culturally and operationally adapting it. Our regional teams are empowered to tailor our go-to-market strategies, ensuring that Josys is not just another SaaS provider but a partner that understands and solves local challenges.


Building a Global Family Through Our Unified Vision 

Our team’s strategic growth focuses on improving the IT operations landscape. We’re not just entering the global market; we’ve been building for it since day one. We invest in building an efficient global infrastructure that supports seamless communication and collaboration across time zones and cultures. Also, we aim to grow our workforce significantly, fostering a team that embodies our global ethos

As we set sail towards global horizons our team’s diverse backgrounds and experiences form the cornerstone of our strength, igniting our capacity for innovative solutions and enabling us to address the unique challenges of the varied markets we are now engaging with.

To businesses looking to enhance their IT operations and embrace efficiency, Josys is your partner in this transformation. We invite you to see the difference for yourself. Sign up for a demo here and join us on this exciting journey.

Together, we are not just reaching for the stars but navigating towards them with purpose and passion.

To a future without limits,


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