ConnectWise IT Nation Event Recap & Learnings

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In the dynamic world of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), the  IT Nation ConnectWise Conference stands out as a pivotal event, offering a unique blend of inspiration, education, and community. Held from November 8-10, 2023, at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, FL, this conference attracted over 3,000 MSP professionals. It is the premier gathering for technology solution providers (TSPs) seeking to expand their horizons and forge meaningful connections in the industry.

Key team members represented Josys as a first-time attendee and exhibitor. Each brought their expertise and enthusiasm to the conference, ready to engage in meaningful dialogues, gather feedback, and share insights about Josys’s innovative solutions. Their presence underscored Josys’s dedication to building strong relationships within the MSP ecosystem and its commitment to continuous learning and adaptation.


Josys Completes ConnectWise App Integration 

Prior to the event, Josys was proud to announce that it completed its integration with the ConnectWise application. The integration allows MSPs to use Josys to easily track their ConnectWise licenses and identify shadow users from both their team and their clients’ users. “We are committed to serving the MSP community and are continuously integrating with applications that help MSPs better serve their clients,” said Mahabaleshwar Bhat, VP of Product from Josys. Other highly-requested integrations that have launched include IT Glue, JamfPro, Microsoft 365, and dozens more. 



Key Highlights from Josys’s Booth

Key discussions at the booth revolved around the challenges of app provisioning, with many MSPs expressing that current processes are manual and time-consuming. This digital obstacle resonated deeply with Josys’s mission to streamline and automate IT operations for MSPs. Attendees were particularly interested in how Josys could simplify license and billing reconciliation, which is often cumbersome and prone to errors.

Questions about security were paramount. Attendees inquired about Josys’s ability to identify shadow IT apps and ensure high-security standards. Integrating Josys with other platforms, most notably ConnectWise, was another hot topic, with many seeking to understand how Josys fits into the existing MSP ecosystem. 

The interactions at the conference provided Josys with invaluable insights into the MSP market. Key pain points identified included the following:

  • Manual and the decentralized nature of app provisioning
  • The time-intensive processes of onboarding and offboarding
  • Challenges in license purchasing and invoicing reconciliation
  • The management of ungoverned shadow IT

These insights align perfectly with Josys’s solutions and future development plans. The platform’s focus on automating onboarding and offboarding processes and license reconciliation directly addresses these challenges. Josys’s commitment to enhancing operational efficiencies for MSPs is further reinforced by its ongoing development in multi-tenancy support and integration with PSAs and RMMs.


Josys’s Focus on MSP-Centric Solutions

At the heart of Josys’s participation in the IT Nation ConnectWise Conference was a clear and unwavering dedication to serving the MSP community. This commitment was evident in every conversation and demonstration at their booth, highlighting Josys’s deep understanding of MSP-specific challenges and needs.

Josys is acutely aware that MSPs grapple with various complex issues, from the manual and fragmented nature of app provisioning to the intricacies of license management. Recognizing these challenges, Josys has tailored its platform to offer streamlined, automated solutions that significantly ease these burdens. For instance, Josys’s automated onboarding and offboarding processes are consciously designed to save time and reduce errors, directly responding to the needs expressed by MSPs at the conference and beyond.

Another critical area where Josys is making strides is in the aspect of shadow IT management. By providing tools that identify and manage unauthorized software, Josys helps MSPs gain better control over their clients’ IT environments, enhancing security and compliance. This focus on practical, MSP-centric solutions positions Josys as a service provider and a strategic partner in the MSP ecosystem.

Moreover, the ConnectWise IT Nation Conference showcased the latest trends and innovations in the MSP industry, emphasizing cybersecurity and business management platforms. These themes align closely with Josys’s strategic direction and product development.

Cybersecurity, a critical concern for MSPs, was a dominant theme at the conference.  This focus on security is not just about safeguarding data; it’s about providing peace of mind to MSPs and their clients in an increasingly complex digital landscape. Business management platforms were another key focus area, reflecting the growing need for integrated solutions that streamline various aspects of MSP operations. 

Josys’s platform, with its comprehensive integrations, is well-aligned with this trend. Josys is responding to the industry’s call for more efficient and cohesive business management tools by offering a unified solution that simplifies license management, device tracking, and automated provisioning.



The ConnectWise IT Nation Conference 2023 was a significant milestone for Josys, offering a venue to deepen its understanding of MSP challenges and showcase its commitment to providing tailored solutions. The insights gained and the conversations held at the conference have been instrumental in shaping Josys’s approach and offerings.

For Josys, the conference was more than an event; it was a reaffirmation of its dedication to the MSP community. The interactions and feedback received have further solidified Josys’s resolve to continue evolving and adapting its platform to meet the dynamic needs of MSPs.

As Josys continues to refine and enhance its offerings, the input and collaboration of MSPs are invaluable. Josys invites MSPs to join its Design Partners Program to foster this partnership. This initiative is more than just an opportunity for MSPs to experience Josys’s platform; it’s a chance to shape the future of a tool that’s being meticulously crafted for their specific needs.

The benefits of joining the Design Partners Program are substantial. Participants will receive free access to Josys for up to 12 months to explore the full range of features and capabilities without any financial commitment. This period is not just about using a cutting-edge platform; it’s an opportunity for MSPs to provide direct feedback and suggestions, influencing the development of a solution that truly resonates with their operational needs and challenges.

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