Feature Announcement: New Josys API Now Available

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Josys Api

Today, we’re excited to announce the new Josys API Framework and our first API focused on user profile management.  From a SaaS Management perspective, we firmly believe that organizations need to have 360o Control over every application in their environment, giving them the ability to govern access and usage across both commercial and in-house apps.  

Generally speaking, we are designing the Josys API Framework to leave no stone unturned.  We know how much time and effort goes into manually provisioning, managing, and off-boarding users, and how this challenge multiplies when centralization efforts fail to squash the SaaS sprawl.  

Our API Framework is being built with openness and inclusivity to ensure that no matter what applications you have in your environment, we will be able to provide you with a solution that will support 100% app connectivity.  And while connectivity is the foundation for successful management, we are also developing a robust feature roadmap to ensure our framework will power a comprehensive SaaS Management experience across the board.  


Introducing: The Josys User Profile Management API

The launch of the Josys API Framework marks a significant milestone in our ability to help customers centralize and automate their complete SaaS Management workflow.  Our new User Profile API is a critical first step in helping IT teams achieve greater efficiencies when managing users at scale across a diverse app estate. Specifically, our new functionality within the Josys management console enables IT administrators to create, edit, delete, and retrieve user profile information from any connected app or system and feed that information automatically back to the Josys platform, without having to actually login to the source platform.  When consolidating management activities into Josys’s singular platform as opposed to individual discrete apps, IT is able to save significant amounts of time and redirect their energy to more high-value tasks.  


A True Enterprise-Grade API Framework

In a world where data breaches and cyber threats are increasingly common, the security of our APIs are as crucial as its functionality. Josys understands this imperative and has implemented enterprise-grade security and authentication measures to protect customer information.  By utilizing API tokens and the Oauth 2.0 framework, Josys ensures that every request made to the our APIs are authenticated and securely authorized. This token-based authentication is a cornerstone in safeguarding against unauthorized access,and providing a secure environment for developers and businesses.

To realize the true potential of our framework, we have developed extensive documentation and developer support resources.  This documentation covers everything from basic setup and authentication, to detailed guides on using various endpoints. We hope these resources help anyone using them get up to speed quickly and build integrations with minimal friction.

Josys is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. In future releases, our API Framework will include additional features for automating provisioning and deprovisioning, as well as deliver advanced reporting features. These enhancements are geared towards providing broader app controls and better utilization insights from a singular management dashboard.  

Interested in learning more about Josys SaaS Management and our new API Framework?  Contact us for a demo today!

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