How to Maximize Your SaaS Investments

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Businesses today invest in SaaS solutions to optimize their operations. However, many of these SaaS solutions are fully underutilized.  A SaaS management solution like Josys can be incredibly helpful in this regard. Here’s how Josys can help you maximize your SaaS Investments:

Cost Optimization

As organizations grow, SaaS cost management and optimization becomes more challenging. Here’s how Josys identifies cost savings and optimizations:

  • Monitoring of SaaS Usage: Josys tracks how SaaS apps are used in a company to identify which licenses are being used and which aren’t. With information like last login date, organizations can decide which subscription plans are necessary and reduce unnecessary spending.

  • Enhanced License Visibility: Josys doesn’t just track usage; it helps understand how SaaS tools are used. As the business changes, so do the number of seats and licenses required for each of these apps. Josys provides visibility into the number of provisioned licenses and tracks purchase plans so you don’t lose sight of unneeded licenses, especially during renewal periods. 
  • Identifies App Redundancies: Without efficient management like Josys, organizations often pay for multiple tools doing the same thing. Josys solves this problem by cataloging and categorizing all software assets, highlighting overlaps and redundancies across the business so organizations can identify redundancies and make policies around preferred or approved applications. 

Ensuring Compliance and Security

In this era where digital security and compliance are essential, Josys provides tools to help organizations maintain rigorous standards. Here’s how Josys enhances security and ensures compliance:

  • Maintaining Compliance: Josys monitors all SaaS apps, and surfaces compliance certificates and risk scores for new and unknown apps. This ensures that any data risks are spotted and fixed promptly and also protects organizations from potential legal and financial repercussions.

  • Tracking User Access and Activity: Josys helps IT managers surface user actions to catch high-risk behavior, reducing the chance of security breaches.

  • Deprovisioning Offboarded Employees: The offboarding of employees is a critical period for maintaining security integrity. Josys simplifies this process by automating the de-provisioning of user access to SaaS tools, closing security loopholes and access permissions quickly.

  • Simplifying Audit Processes: Josys makes audits easier by provisioning a clean and accurate account of all the users with access, when they got access, and when it was removed.  This ensures only appropriate users have access to systems that IT has reviewed and approved. 

Boosting Performance and Productivity

Using SaaS apps better doesn’t just increase efficiency; it makes the whole organization more productive. Josys provides valuable insights that help companies maximize their digital tools’ potential by using them better.

Josys tracks how employees use SaaS apps, providing insights that can help organizations identify opportunities for optimization, training, or integration with other tools. Also, organizations can enhance user experience, streamline workflows, and improve overall productivity by understanding how SaaS applications are used.

In addition, new and transitioning employees can get access to the tools they need so they can be productive and perform their best with the centralization of apps provided by Josys. 


We’ve explored the extensive capabilities of Josys, a comprehensive SaaS Management Platform, in helping organizations maximize their  software investments. From optimizing costs by eliminating unused licenses and reducing redundancies, to enhancing security through rigorous compliance and access controls, Josys stands out as an efficient tool for any organization.

Let Josys help you take control of your IT environment and maximize your SaaS investments. Schedule a personalized demo today to discover firsthand how Josys can streamline your IT processes and maximize your SaaS Investments.

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