The Challenges of Building a SaaS Management Platform

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By: Mahabaleshwar Bhat, Head of Product, Josys

A strong SaaS management platform helps organize and secure your SaaS portfolio. However, developing a SaaS management platform that efficiently serves this purpose can be challenging for developers.

As the Head of Product at a SaaS management platform like Josys, I have come to recognize that tackling these challenges is not merely a task but an opportunity to innovate and empower our users. We’ve worked hard to overcome these challenges by combining smart technology, careful planning, and a deep focus on what our customers want. Let’s consider some of these challenges:

Integration Complexity

A big factor in creating a SaaS management platform is the complexity of integrating different apps. Nowadays, businesses use many apps with different APIs and data formats. Making them work together smoothly under one platform is tough for developers. 

At Josys, we understand this reality, so we’ve strategically deployed hundreds of proprietary APIs and custom data integrations. Our approach goes beyond mere connectivity; we ensure seamless interoperability, simplifying management tasks for IT teams.


IT managers require a holistic view of all assets, from software applications to hardware components, to make informed decisions for current and future organizational needs. Josys addresses this critical need by equipping IT managers with efficient tools to visualize every asset within their purview. Through advanced analytics, managers can identify areas for improvement, thereby reducing unnecessary expenditures.

Security and Compliance

There is a need for strong security measures such as encryption, access controls, and audit trails to protect against breaches and meet established regulations. This is exactly what we have done at Josys. We adopt a multifaceted security approach, including strong encryption to protect data, strict access controls, and detailed records.


User Experience and Usability

For software platforms, especially those for complex tasks like SaaS and device management, success depends a lot on user experience. However, designing such an interface that presents complex data and functionalities in a clear and accessible manner requires careful consideration and testing. 

Despite this, we’ve focused on making our platform easy to use, simplifying the complex task of managing a wide range of IT assets. This involves a clean, easily navigable layout, logical grouping of functions, and clear, concise data visualizations.

Continuous Adaptation

The SaaS industry evolves rapidly, with daily new technologies, regulations, and standards. SaaS management platforms, therefore, need to stay updated to stay relevant.

Josys addresses these dynamic SaaS ecosystems through a commitment to agile development practices. This approach allows our development team to iterate quickly, adapt functionalities to new demands, and roll out updates without disrupting the user experience.


Building a SaaS management platform is challenging, but Josys is dedicated to innovation and putting customers first. Our software ensures seamless integration, improves visibility and control, ensures security, focuses on user experience, and stays adaptable, redefining SaaS management.

Ready to revolutionize your IT  effortlessly? Schedule a demo today and experience firsthand how Josys can revolutionize your IT management experience.

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