How to Rationalize and Optimize Your SaaS Portfolio

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In order to maintain a streamlined and safe SaaS portfolio, regular review and optimization is important. Periodically, you have to assess your SaaS portfolio to find out what each one does and which ones are actually useful. Here’s a simple step-by-step guideline:

Assess, Categorize, and Prioritize

Start the process by outlining all SaaS apps within your portfolio. Rank them in order of importance and relevance to your business. In ranking, give priority to the most vital apps for your core operations. Manually, this process can be very hectic, but employing a SaaS and device management platform like Josys can automate and simplify the whole process.

Evaluate Usage and Adoption

The next step is to evaluate how each application is used within your organization. Josys can help by providing detailed analytics that assess each SaaS application’s usage and adoption rates. Josys tracks and aggregates user activity data to give a clear picture of how frequently and in what ways each SaaS application is being utilized. You can, therefore, identify underutilized or completely abandoned applications and position them for consolidation or retirement.

Cost Analysis and Optimization

You should also conduct a cost analysis to find out the costs associated with each SaaS application. Josys can help by tracking financial details like subscription fees and support costs for each SaaS tool. This gives you an idea of what each app costs. You can, therefore, find ways to save money, like renegotiating contracts, combining software, or switching to more affordable options.

Security and Compliance Assessment

Ensure all apps meet your security policies and follow established standards and regulations. Check them often to identify any issues and address them promptly. Addressing these issues promptly helps maintain the integrity and security of your data. You can also leverage Josy’s comprehensive security tools to evaluate each SaaS application’s security features and compliance status.


Implement Your Plan and Monitor

Adopt a phased approach when implementing your SaaS rationalization plan to minimize disruption and allow for adjustments based on operational feedback. Josys can help you provide a structured, phased approach, ensuring each step is successfully integrated and functional before moving on to the next.

Also, monitor how well your changes work, ensuring they align with your goals and can handle new challenges and opportunities. Josys also offers ongoing monitoring capabilities that track SaaS applications’ performance, cost-effectiveness, and utilization.


Rationalizing and optimizing your SaaS portfolio is important and requires a systematic approach. Trying to do it manually would be inefficient and overwhelming, which is why you need a platform like Josys. Josys provides the tools to assess, manage, and optimize your SaaS portfolio effectively, ensuring that every SaaS application serves a strategic purpose and delivers true value.

Do you want to experience the power of Josys in simplifying the complexities of SaaS management and driving significant improvements in performance and cost efficiency? Contact us for a demo today. Discover firsthand how Josys can pave the way for a more secure, compliant, and economically sound SaaS portfolio.

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