With the Rise of AI, is your IT Team Taking Action? 

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Many businesses are starting to embrace AI technologies as they’re becoming more prevalent. However, while AI can be powerful and effective for everyday organizational operations, it comes with substantial deployment, usage, maintenance, and scaling costs. Data security is another major concern, especially when dealing with open-source AI models like ChatGPT. 

With these AI technologies’ rapid development and integration, IT professionals are increasingly required to effectively manage operational implications and financial demands. They will need to find means to track both the usage and costs of these AI technologies, ensuring AI investments align with business goals and stay within budget. Here are major reasons why IT professionals need to track AI utilization. 

Strategic Planning and Budgeting

As mentioned, implementing and using AI technologies comes with certain financial costs. It may require financial commitments such as subscription and licensing fees, regulatory costs such as AI tax or levies. 

IT teams must, therefore, strategically plan and budget for projects leveraging AI solutions, recognizing the potential for substantial financial costs. Utilizing SaaS management platforms such as Josys can be helpful. Josys offers detailed asset visualization and utilization trends, helping organizations align AI investments with broader business goals and ensure that every penny spent maximizes value.


Data Security in AI Deployments

Data security has become a pivotal concern with the integration of AI technologies, especially open-source versions such as ChatGPT. IT professionals need to implement stringent security policies and protocols company wide. In addition, IT should monitor compliance continuously. Josys can support these efforts by providing comprehensive tools to manage and secure access to software assets, ensuring data privacy standards are met and maintained throughout all AI initiatives.

Cost Optimization

To mitigate the financial impact of integrating AI technology, IT professionals have to continuously assess AI systems and processes to identify inefficiencies or improvement opportunities. Josys is instrumental in offering a full platform to oversee and track all software expenses, including license fees, renewal dates, and utilization metrics. This allows IT professionals to eliminate redundancies, identify license leakage, and streamline expenses effectively.


Monitoring and Evaluating ROI

IT professionals need to evaluate how much returns their AI initiatives are generating continuously. This involves tracking key performance indicators and comparing them against initial investment estimates. 

Josys enhances this crucial process by providing tools for analyzing, monitoring and evaluating the utilization of AI apps. It helps IT teams track various indicators, like efficiency and cost savings, which means businesses get clear insights into how their AI projects are performing.


As AI technology becomes more integrated into everyday business operations, IT professionals must stay proactive in managing data security, tracking costs, and optimizing performance. By leveraging tools like Josys, IT teams can not only mitigate risks but also enhance efficiency and drive innovation in their AI strategies.

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