Four Ways Josys Keeps Your SaaS Secure 

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Security is essential in SaaS management as it involves data protection, proficient access control, preventing cyber threats, and maintaining regulatory compliance. However, maintaining security within SaaS management poses significant challenges, particularly in integrating additional SaaS solutions. Each new inclusion amplifies the complexity of evading security threats and complexities.

Hence, an efficient security strategy is imperative to fortify your SaaS ecosystem. This is precisely where Josys excels, providing a unified platform engineered to seamlessly navigate the intricacies of SaaS management while ensuring continuous security measures are implemented. The platform specializes in fortifying your SaaS ecosystem and protecting data. Here are 4 ways Josys helps you keep your SaaS ecosystem secure:

1. Security Audit Check

The Josys platform acts as a security auditor of your organization’s SaaS usage. By surfacing shadow IT and tracking SaaS usage, you get a no-touch security audit to help you track your SaaS ecosystem and identify any risky or unauthorized apps that could pose serious security threats. Josys then helps you take actionable steps by either approving safe apps or sanctioning risky ones. By taking this proactive approach, Josys ensures that only secure and compliant tools are in use, which helps minimize security threats.

2. Surfaces Shadow IT

Josys also continuously monitors all SaaS utilization. With its over 240 app integrations, the Josys Browser Extension, and Google Audit Logs, Josys continuously monitors activities  to quickly identify irregular or unauthorized software usage. This meticulous monitoring enhances the capability to promptly detect and mitigate potential security risks, preventing their escalation into more severe issues.

3. Centralized Access Management

Josys makes access management easy by giving you a single platform to oversee and monitor access to your organization’s SaaS applications. With role-based access control, you can ensure employees only access tools that are relevant to their roles. 

Josys also automates granting and revoking admin access. Such centralized processes ensure efficient provisioning and de-provisioning, reducing errors and ensuring seamless onboarding and offboarding processes.

4. Ongoing Support and Maintenance

You need regular maintenance, updates, and support to secure and streamline your SaaS apps. Josys offers all the ongoing help and maintenance you need to keep your SaaS setup secure and running smoothly. We ensure your SaaS ecosystem stays safe and follows the latest security practices.


Josys provides a complete solution to manage your SaaS securely, making SaaS management easier and safer. With thorough security checks, strong measures in place, and ongoing support, we make sure your SaaS ecosystem is safe and efficient and stays in line with all the necessary rules and standards.

If you want to enhance your SaaS management and security, Josys is the perfect partner to have on your team. Contact Josys today for a demo and see how our platform can transform your SaaS management.

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