How to Evaluate SaaS Solutions for Small Businesses

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Unlike big organizations, small businesses are usually tight on personnel and budgeting resources. So before purchasing any SaaS software, small businesses typically evaluate whether it actually meets the business needs, falls within budget and helps achieve business goals. Here’s how you can evaluate your next SaaS purchase:

Identifying Business Needs

Small businesses often struggle with problems such as limited resources, high costs, scaling issues, etc. When you identify these peculiar challenges and clearly define your business objectives, you can invest in solutions that match your business’s goals and address your problems.

A SaaS management platform like Josys can be incredibly helpful at this evaluation stage. Josys provides a complete visualization and usage analysis of all software assets, providing centralized insights for better evaluation.

 Assessing Affordability and Value

Cost is a major consideration for you as a small business. However, you must also assess the value you get for the cost. Key factors to consider include:

  • Pricing Plans: Ensure the pricing or subscription fits your budget and business model, and check for hidden costs.

  • Features: Adapt solutions with features that match what your business specifically needs.

  • Scalability: Make sure the SaaS solution can grow with your business effortlessly.

  • Potential ROI: Calculate the potential savings on IT costs.

You can also leverage Josys for this assessment process. Josys helps you monitor SaaS costs and usage, offering insights on efficiency and savings.

Maximizing Efficiency and Productivity

Your SaaS choice should boost your business’s efficiency and productivity. For example, consider solutions with automation features to speed up workflows, reduce errors, and allow employees to focus on more strategic activities.

Josys also enhances efficiency and productivity through its automation features. For example, you can use it to automatically assign software licenses on an employee’s first day on the job, reducing delays and expediting productivity when onboarding new employees.

Ensuring Security and Compliance

To avoid security breaches and non-compliance penalties, choose SaaS solutions that are secured and compliant. Josys is also dedicated to high-security standards; you can regularly audit your SaaS setup to identify and sanction risky tools, approving only those that are secure and compliant with regulatory standards and internal policies.

Planning for Future Growth

Your chosen SaaS solution must be future-proof. Therefore, you must consider the following as part of your evaluation:

  • Scalability Considerations: Consider scalable and flexible SaaS solutions.

  • Integration Capabilities: Choose solutions that integrate well with your existing SaaS setup.

  • Vendor Partnerships: Build strong vendor relationships to ensure better support and quicker updates.

Josys provides a scalable solution, offers robust integration capabilities, and also offers detailed usage stats to help you negotiate better terms with vendors.


Through thorough evaluation, small businesses can ensure their SaaS choices meet their needs, budgets, and goals. Josys can be incredibly helpful in this evaluation process, providing insights into IT assets, tracking costs, ensuring security, and enhancing efficiency.

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