SaaS Management Best Practices for MSPs

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SaaS Management Best Practices for MSPs

MSPs are companies that offer various IT services to businesses on a subscription or contract basis. They primarily handle tasks like managing IT systems, cybersecurity, data backup, network management, and software support and often provide cloud services. MSPs aim to improve operational efficiency, reduce IT-related overheads, and enhance cybersecurity for their clients. 

Simply put, MSPs provide various IT services to support different business needs. This allows organizations to concentrate on executing their strategy, knowing that their IT systems are outsourced and managed by IT professionals.

The SaaS Management Solution

SaaS Management focuses on optimizing the SaaS apps in a company. It involves provisioning licenses, monitoring utilization, tracking costs, and enhancing security for data safety. 

A good SaaS Management tool, such as Josys, helps MSPs efficiently manage their clients’ SaaS subscriptions, which can help MSPs internally by automating app provisioning and help their clients cut unnecessary expenses by spotting unused licenses or redundant applications. It also helps an MSP secure a client’s sensitive data by managing access rights, monitoring app security, and seamlessly deprovisioning access of offboarded employees. 

Collaboration With MSPs

MSPs understand a client’s needs and can spot where SaaS Management can help. By teaming up with Josys, MSPs can offer specialized SaaS management and optimization services, improving their offerings and addressing a key challenge in modern IT management. Platforms like Josys offer MSPs advanced tools and analytics that enable them to:

  • Control SaaS Assets: MSPs use SaaS management platforms like Josys to give their client’s a clear view of their SaaS and hardware assets, making them easier to manage and optimize.
  • Automate IT Tasks: Automating onboarding/offboarding, managing costs, and monitoring license utilization saves an MSP time and reduces errors with a SaaS platform.
  • Optimize Investments: MSPs can leverage platforms like Josys to save their clients money by spotting and removing unnecessary SaaS subscriptions.
  • Enhance Security and Compliance: This involves ensuring secure, role-based access of company purchased applications, protecting and monitoring business data as well. 


Navigating Security Challenges

Using SaaS applications usually involves data sharing and third-party involvement, which can raise concerns about security, data breaches, and unauthorized access. SaaS management platforms like Josys help MSPs tackle security concerns linked to SaaS apps through various ways, including:

  • Centralized Access Control: Josys let’s MSPs view and control user access assignments within each SaaS app, keeping sensitive data safe from unauthorized users.
  • Continuous Monitoring: MSPs can use Josys to watch SaaS apps for unusual activity and discover unauthorized application access to manage any security issues quickly.
  • Data Protection and Compliance: With Josys, MSPs can easily respond to audit requests for SaaS purchases, SaaS access, and device inventory from one central location. 



Integrating Josys into the MSP toolkit marks a big step in managing SaaS portfolios. With its comprehensive features, Josys meets the critical needs of modern MSP setups, offering top-notch visibility, automation, and security.

For MSPs aiming to boost their service offering or optimize their client request turnaround times,  Josys is a must-try SaaS platform. Schedule a personalized demo today to experience how Josys can revamp your MSP operations, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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