Manage Shadow IT with the Josys Browser Extension

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Streamlining operations while controlling numerous software and hardware assets is crucial in IT management. One prevalent challenge that often comes in the way of IT management is the issue of shadow IT. Shadow IT is  an employee’s use of unauthorized software or tools unreviewed or unknown to IT teams, which can create security and compliance risks, including data breaches.

To address the challenges of shadow IT, Josys has created the Josys Browser Extension to help monitor and analyze SaaS usage within an organization. It does this by tracking user behavior on web browsers.

The Josys Browser Extension is highly adaptable, working seamlessly with popular browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. This ensures it fits smoothly into most organizations’ workflows, monitoring without disrupting user experience.


How The Josys Browser Extension Works

Monitoring Activities

As mentioned earlier, one of the core features of the Josys Browser Extension is its ability to monitor a user’s browser activities. The extension provides a comprehensive view of business specific SaaS utilization across the company by tracking actions such as URL visits, timestamps, and tab events.

Data Transmission

The data collected by the Josys Browser Extension is securely transmitted to the Josys server for analysis. The focus is solely on legitimate SaaS applications as defined in the Josys App Dictionary, ensuring that data transmission is targeted and secure.

Privacy Assurance

The extension ensures privacy, as it does not access or transmit sensitive user data, cookies, browser history, or website content. It upholds strict privacy standards.


Incorporating the Josys Browser Extension

Manual Activation

The manual activation process begins when IT administrators send out email invitations to end-users. Each user then carries out the installation and activation of the browser extension on their systems. 

Remote Activation

For larger organizations or those preferring a more streamlined approach, Josys offers a remote activation feature. This method allows IT administrators to automatically deploy the browser extension across all browsers without requiring individual user action.


Insights and Benefits of Using the Josys Browser Extension

SaaS Discovery

The Josys Browser Extension significantly enhances the capability to discover and analyze SaaS application usage within an organization by providing IT teams with detailed insights into application usage patterns and frequencies. The extension aids in understanding how each SaaS tool is used.

Shadow IT Detection

One of the most critical features of the Josys Browser Extension is its ability to detect unauthorized SaaS applications. This feature is crucial for security because it helps prevent potential data breaches from unmanaged software. Imagine an employee inputting proprietary information into ChatGPT. This could put your company at risk. By Josys identifying who and when they accessed this application, your IT team can understand its usage, create IT policies, and take action to  better secure the SaaS ecosystem. 

App Integration

The Josys Browser Extension also aids in identifying known and actively managed SaaS applications. The extension assists in integrating these apps into the broader Josys management platform without having to reference your existing app tracking system (i.e. a spreadsheet). This integration gives IT managers a unified view of all software and hardware, enhancing control and visibility. It also streamlines license and permission management, ensuring every application is correctly managed from one central platform.


The Josys Browser Extension provides a simple and efficient solution for  IT departments looking to identify and control their SaaS and devices. With features like SaaS discovery, shadow IT detection, and seamless app integration, it provides comprehensive insights that help secure and optimize IT resources. Josys boosts security and operational efficiency by simplifying asset management, making it invaluable for any organization.

Don’t let unauthorized SaaS apps compromise your security and compliance. Consider Josys for a holistic approach to SaaS and device management. Contact us for a demo and see how our browser extension can transform your IT operations.

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