Streamlining SaaS and Inventory Management at Coconala Co.

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Coconala Co. has emerged as a prominent provider of a unique skill-matching platform that allows individuals to buy and sell skills, experience, and knowledge. As the company rapidly expanded, managing the growing number of SaaS accounts and IT devices became a significant challenge. 

In response to these needs, Coconala Co. turned to Josys, a comprehensive SaaS and inventory management solution, which proved to be a pivotal change in their operations.

About Coconala

Coconala is renowned for its innovative skill-matching platform, which connects people looking to buy and sell various skills, knowledge, and experiences. This platform has facilitated a vibrant community where users can monetize their expertise and learn from others. 

Since its inception, Coconala Co. has experienced impressive growth, culminating in its listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (which is now the Growth Market) in 2021. This milestone marked a new phase of expansion for the company, driving a substantial increase in sales and necessitating more efficient management of employee SaaS accounts and IT devices.


Challenges Faced

As Coconala Co. expanded, several operational challenges emerged, particularly in managing their growing number of SaaS services and IT devices. Here are the key issues they faced:

  • Managing Approximately 80 Internal SaaS Services

With around 80 different SaaS services, keeping track of accounts and usage became increasingly difficult. The lack of centralized control led to inefficiencies and potential security risks.

  • Handling Department-Specific SaaS Account Requests

Departments often required specific SaaS accounts for their unique needs. Without clear usage patterns or administrative authority, fulfilling these requests was inefficient, and time-consuming.

  • Managing Retired Employees’ Accounts and Access Privileges

Ensuring that retired employees’ accounts were properly managed and their access privileges revoked was a significant challenge. This was very important to maintaining security and preventing unauthorized access.

  • Tracking Device Usage and Return Timelines

Keeping track of who was using specific IT devices, their return timelines, and the overall management of these devices posed another layer of complexity. Without an efficient system, devices could be easily misplaced or misused.

Implementing Josys

The implementation of Josys at Coconala Co. marked a significant shift in their approach to SaaS and inventory management. The integration process began with thoroughly assessing Coconala Co.’s existing systems and workflows to ensure a seamless transition.

of Josys

  • Intelligent SaaS Management: Josys provided Coconala Co. with centralized control over their 80 internal SaaS services. This centralized control enabled automation in account management, including revision, abolishment, and bulk operations. 
  • Enhanced Inventory Control: One of the key features of Josys was its ability to link user accounts with IT devices, providing Coconala Co. with automated inventory management. This feature allowed Coconala Co. to track device usage and return timelines more effectively, reducing the risk of misplaced or misused devices.
  • Responsive Support and Continuous Development: Josys offered Coconala Co. a functional help desk, hands-on introduction support, and rapid feature releases. This ensured a smooth implementation process and alignment with Coconala Co.’s unique needs. The continuous development of Josys also provided Coconala Co. with a solid foundation for further customization and growth, making it an indispensable solution for their future endeavors.

Significant Improvements

The implementation of Josys at Coconala Co. resulted in several tangible benefits, including:

  • Cost Savings: Coconala Co. experienced a reduction of approximately 720,000 yen annually, thanks to Josys’ automation capabilities. Additionally, there was a 50% reduction in man-hours required for onboarding and offboarding employees, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Enhanced Security Management: Josys improved the visualization and management of SaaS accounts at Coconala Co. This enhanced security and efficiency in managing accounts, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Facilitated Auditing and Governance: Josys provided Coconala Co. with better auditing capabilities, allowing them to track device ownership status and manage lease and purchase lists more effectively. This facilitated auditing and governance, ensuring compliance with regulations and internal policies.


Josys has transformed Coconala Co.’s operations, providing efficient, secure management of SaaS accounts and IT devices. Its seamless integration and responsive support make it an indispensable tool for future success. Contact us for a demo and experience the difference Josys can make for your business.

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