Control IT Chaos

Unified SaaS & Device Management

Josys is the only SaaS & Device Management Platform that provides 360o control to help IT operations run more efficiently.


The Single Source of Truth

Josys blends three real-time data sets to create a unified asset catalog that enables IT to easily manage their software, hardware, and user profiles from a single dashboard.

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Manage Your SaaS Apps

Discover every app employees access, automate provisioning-at-scale, enforce role-based permissions, and optimize SaaS spend for your IT budget.

  • Efficiently onboard employees with bulk license provisioning 
  • Proactively schedule employee access for on-time onboarding
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Upgrade Your Device Inventory

Import all existing device data into a fully customizable dashboard that makes it easy to see available devices, identify provenance, and pinpoint upgrade candidates.

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Ready to get started?

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Instantly Connect to Every App in Your Organization

Provision-at-Scale | Discover Shadow IT | Optimize Your Spend

  • Our approach is tailor-made because we have created the integrations ourselves
  • It’s easy to deploy out integrations with our simple API token architecture
  • Once connected, you will save lots of time with visibility and management