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Revolutionizing Efficiency: How Anker Group Slashed Costs by 75% with JOSYS for Seamless Procuring, Configuring of Devices, and SaaS Management

Anker Group, a global hardware manufacturer, faced challenges in managing thousands of devices including PCs, smartphones, and monitors. With nearly 10 new hires each month and a rapidly expanding organization, the limited in-house IT staff struggled to keep up with tasks like procurement, kitting, and account management, leading to a pressing need for improved operational …

“Josys transformed our operational efficiency at Anker Japan K.K., reducing costs by 75%.”
– President, Anker Group
“We are impressed with Josys’s efficiency…The automation and visibility it provided cut our man-hours in half …. Josys has significantly contributed to making our security management easier and more efficient.”
– Coconala
“Josys has been a game-changer for us. With their solution, we’ve made system administration transparent and intuitive, dramatically reducing our management overhead.”
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