Work Smarter, Not Harder

Save Countless Hours with Workflow Automation

Easy-to-use automation workflows reduce the IT effort required for employee onboarding, offboarding, and every transition in-between.

Provision New Users in Seconds

Onboarding has never been easier with real-time and scheduled application provisioning.

  • Save time onboarding new employees with bulk provisioning automation
  • Schedule provisioning access dates for added security and time savings 
  • Create a positive and productive employee experience from day one 

Assign Appropriate User Roles

Flexible role-based assignment workflow ensures governance that is tailored per each app’s usage rules.

  • Create systematic and repeatable access rules for provisioning new employees based on employee department or role
  • Reduce potential errors when assigning user permissions
  • Easily audit user privileges and correct identified issues

Deprovision Access in Lockstep with Offboarding Processes

Automated offboarding workflow triggers different access tiers for appropriate role remediation.

  • Safeguard and secure company data by prohibiting access to company owned assets post-offboarding
  • Align deprovisioning tasks and timelines with corporate offboarding procedures
  • Continuous app monitoring and discovery ensures only the right people have access to appropriate apps during their employment dates

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