Intelligent IT Operations

SaaS Management that simplifies how IT works

Josys provides 360o control over your most valuable IT assets. Easily visualize your SaaS apps, analyze utilization, and automate app provisioning to make IT operations run more efficiently.

Trusted by Over 500 Companies Worldwide

Say goodbye to SaaS sprawl. Say hello to Josys.

  • Illuminate shadow IT to establish a complete SaaS inventory.
  • Reel in license overspend to regain control over the IT budget.
  • Prevent access violations to bolster security & compliance.

Expose Blind Spots

Catalog Your Apps & Devices

View a real-time dashboard across all of your organization’s SaaS subscriptions and devices.  

  • Connect to hundreds of apps & data sources instantly 
  • Easily create custom views and quick filters for fast navigation
  • Automatically identify shadow apps and users on your network


Analyze Usage & Control Costs

Grant role-based permissions, identify utilization trends, and track device refresh cycles to secure company assets and optimize IT spend.

  • Quickly compare license consumption trends to minimize waste
  • Instantly view summary reports of departmental IT expenses 
  • Immediately spot access violations & revoke permissions 


Automate & Expedite Provisioning

Implement workflow automation to expedite provisioning during employee onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between. 

  • Efficiently onboard employees with bulk license provisioning 
  • Proactively schedule employee access for a seamless Day 1
  • Systematically deprovision access with a single click 
“Josys transformed our operational efficiency at Anker Japan K.K., reducing costs by 75%.”
– President, Anker Group
“We are impressed with Josys’s efficiency…The automation and visibility it provided cut our man-hours in half …. Josys has significantly contributed to making our security management easier and more efficient.”
– Coconala
“Josys has been a game-changer for us. With their solution, we’ve made system administration transparent and intuitive, dramatically reducing our management overhead.”
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