Josys Integrates with 250+ Apps

Unlock efficiency and centralize 360° control of your SaaS apps by leveraging Josys’ pre-built app integrations.


Frequently Asked Questions

What SaaS apps can be integrated with your product?

We support integration with a wide variety of popular applications. Please refer to our supported integrations listed above.

Is the integration process complicated?

No, our integration process is designed to be user-friendly. With clear instructions and support, you can easily connect various apps to our product.

How secure is the integration with other apps?

Security is a priority for us. We follow industry-standard encryption and best practices to ensure that your data remains secure during integration.

Who do I contact if I face any issues with the integration?

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any integration challenges. Feel free to contact us through our support portal.

How can I request new integrations that are not currently supported?

We value your input and are always looking to expand our integration offerings. If you need a specific integration that’s not currently supported, please reach out to us through our request form on the website or contact our support team. We’ll review your request and work to accommodate it if possible.