NEXT-Generation IT ASSET MAnagement

A Master Catalog Like No Other

Josys consolidates all software, hardware, and user profile data in a centralized asset catalog to establish a true single-source-of-truth for IT Operations.

Centralize User Data

Gain Instant Visibility of Each Employee’s Apps & Devices

Josys combines HR data with individual user’s provisioned licenses and device assignments to streamline management.

  • Sync Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure, SmartHR, or other employee data to create a master user profile catalog in Josys
  • Integrations with hundreds of popular applications sync license assignments to employee user profiles
  • Track device inventory assigned to each employee for easy tracking and offboarding processes 

Govern App Access

Discover every app employees access, control provisioning, enforce role-based permissions, and optimize SaaS spend for your IT budget.

  • Stay in control and accountable for every employee’s app license and access level
  • Monitor SaaS utilization and identify underutilized license purchases for additional savings
  • Identify shadow IT and unsanctioned apps accessed by employees for tighter oversight and governance

Centralize & Manage Device Assets

Our quick-filter device inventory create a simple and accurate hardware catalog across the entire asset lifecycle.

  • Keep a detailed device inventory including product types, license keys, expiration dates, serial numbers, assignment status, and more
  • Link employees with their assigned devices, making it easy to track and retain company assets during employee offboarding
  • Track device depreciation information for effective planning and budgeting

Ready to get started?

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