NEXT-Generation IT ASSET MAnagement

Streamline Device Asset Management

Say farewell to cumbersome spreadsheet tracking methods. With Josys Device Asset Management, embrace a cloud-based device ledger to inventory your most critical hardware assets, track user assignments, and manage device lifecycle milestones.

Create a Centralized Device Catalog

Maintain a real-time, comprehensive device inventory.

  • Keep a precise, up-to-date inventory of your hardware assets from a simple device dashboard.
  • Track Windows devices, Mac devices, mobile devices, and peripherals like keyboards and monitors.
  • Begin by uploading your existing device spreadsheet, manually adding devices, or seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Intune MDM.

Track User Assignments

Simplify onboarding and offboarding processes.

  • Easily assign each device to a user from your Microsoft Azure or Google Workspace accounts.
  • Simplify onboarding processes and ensure retrieval of all corporate-issued devices after offboarding is complete.
  • Respond to audits effortlessly with an accurate and up-to-date inventory catalog.

Track Device Lifecycle Milestones

Stay ahead with proactive device management.

  • Proactively manage refresh cycles to ensure optimal device performance.
  • Track warranty dates, procurement dates, purchase price, and any other custom device information.
  • Simplify depreciation and budgeting forecasts by tracking lifecycle milestones.

Integrates with Microsoft Intune Devices

Seamlessly sync your Microsoft Intune devices into Josys for a unified device ledger. Josys’ added benefits include:

  • Merges and assigns users to your Intune endpoints 
  • Creates a complete device inventory by also tracking non-endpoint devices and unassigned devices
  • Tracks additional device information not available in Intune, such as  device lifecycle milestones and custom device information

Ready to get started?

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