Take Action with Granular Usage Analytics

Josys provides a robust suite of lifecycle analytics to help IT managers control their assets, protect their environment, and optimize their budget

Take the Guesswork out of SaaS Utilization

Identify unused licenses and opportunities for cost optimization with SaaS spend reports.

  • View app utilization data, including last login date, to easily reassign underutilized licenses
  • Discover redundant apps across the organization to simplify maintenance and reduce costs
  • Make more informed contract renewal decisions by easily identifying the usage patterns of each application

Uncover Shadow IT

Josys’s app discovery engine uses Google audit logs or the Josys browser extension to identify unsanctioned business apps being used by employees.

  • Spot unsanctioned access violations and deauthorize access based on company policy
  • Integrate and track noncentralized apps for a consolidated view
  • Maintain a secure and efficient IT environment with effective SaaS management policies

Leverage Device Analytics to Streamline Refresh Processes

Active device reports enable proactive refresh planning to eliminate surprise hardware expenses.

  • Identify device refresh cycles for seamless employee transitions
  • Track device lifecycle milestones from procurement to retirement for efficiency and savings
  • Retrieve devices of offboarded employees and reassign based on location and employee device requirements

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