New Features & Improvements: June 2024

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It’s been an exciting month of product releases! In May,  we expanded the Licenses Optimization dashboard’s features and its supported applications. Now, it’s even easier to identify unassigned licenses and underutilized applications for your most used apps. 

New Features & Enhancements

Josys account license optimization


New License Optimization Apps Added! 

With the License Optimization dashboard, IT admins have visibility into their total SaaS licenses, the number assigned licenses to users, and utilization insight, making it easy to identify licenses optimization opportunities. This capability is now available for 10 apps including Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 (Azure AD), Salesforce, Dropbox, Github, Box, Miro Enterprise, Zeplin,  Duo, and Smartsheet.


Modify Licenses from Josys

With insights into underutilized accounts, Josys admins can now deprovision and remove licenses from users directly from Josys using the “Modify License” option.

Learn more about Josys’s License Optimization here:



View & Modify Admin Users from Josys

Now it’s easy to view and track an application’s admin and privileged-access users, or those with the most control of the app and its data. You can also modify a user’s roles from the Josys platform, ensuring appropriate permissions are granted to users. 

This capability is available for the below apps: 

  • Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 (Azure AD), Salesforce, Dropbox, Github, Box, Miro Enterprise, Zeplin,  Duo and Smartsheet


3 new apps have been added to our Integration Catalog

  • Autodesk (Design)
  • Businessmap
  • Miro Enterprise

Bug Fixes: 

  • Latency issues reported on device and user profile page have been resolved
  • Issues regarding the missing QR code on the 2FA page have been resolved.
  • Josys now accurately reflects the status of Slack accounts with Inactive Billing status as “Inactive,” addressing any previous incorrect status displays.
  • Integration sync issues reported in Coderev, Teamspirit, and Salesforce apps have been resolved.
  • Device import failure via CSV containing Japanese characters has been resolved.
  • Missing discovered apps from the browser extension have been fixed.

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