Revolutionizing Efficiency: How Anker Group Slashed Costs by 75% with JOSYS for Seamless Procuring, Configuring of Devices, and SaaS Management

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Anker Group, a global hardware manufacturer, faced challenges in managing thousands of devices including PCs, smartphones, and monitors. With nearly 10 new hires each month and a rapidly expanding organization, the limited in-house IT staff struggled to keep up with tasks like procurement, kitting, and account management, leading to a pressing need for improved operational efficiency.

The challenge

The Anker Group, a prominent hardware manufacturer operating several brands worldwide, found themselves amidst unprecedented growth. Their Japanese subsidiary, Anchor Japan K.K., was managing thousands of devices and faced escalating challenges in handling procurement, kitting, and IT infrastructure management. 

The company’s problems included:

  • Resource Shortage: A limited IT staff struggled to manage the growing workload, and an increasingly complex remote working environment.
  • Operational Inefficiency: Tasks such as device procurement and kitting were time-consuming, and in-house solutions became increasingly unfeasible.
  • Lack of One-Stop Solutions: As the company grew, it was essential to find a solution that could manage everything from SaaS to BPO in one fell swoop.

According to Hiroaki Takeuchi, General Manager of the Organizational Strategy Division at Anchor Japan K.K., the relentless growth required a radical overhaul of the existing IT management system.

The solution

The decision to implement JOSYS came after careful consideration of the organization’s unique challenges and needs. Mr. Takeuchi recognized the potential of JOSYS as a one-stop service with growth potential. 

Here’s how JOSYS provided solutions:

  • One-Stop Service: It managed everything from account management to kitting, storage, and ledger management of devices.
  • Outsourcing Capability: JOSYS could efficiently handle tasks such as procurement, kitting, and SaaS management, alleviating the burden on in-house staff.
  • Consultative Approach: The proactive and flexible approach of JOSYS aligned with Anchor Japan’s startup mentality.

The results

The implementation of JOSYS led to transformative changes within Anchor Japan K.K., such as:

  • Substantial Cost Reduction: A total reduction of 75% in costs, streamlining various aspects of the operation.
  • Operational Efficiency: A marked reduction in work hours, allowing one person to handle what previously required two, thus increasing overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: By shifting operational focus, the company could tackle essential issues like network security and personal information protection.
  • Positive Internal Response: The service has been well-received, with calls for its expansion to other business units within the company.
  • Visualization of SaaS Management: JOSYS provided better insights into SaaS usage and an alert function to prevent omissions, exceeding expectations.


JOSYS has proven to be an invaluable asset for Anchor Japan K.K., not only meeting its demanding requirements but surpassing expectations. The system has become a high-profile service within the company, demonstrating exceptional capability in handling a wide range of tasks and showing adaptability for future growth.

As the Anker Group continues to expand and evolve, JOSYS is set to play a vital role in supporting that growth, ensuring that operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and security are maintained. The case of Anchor Japan K.K. reflects a successful partnership and provides a promising blueprint for others facing similar challenges in a rapidly changing business landscape.

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