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Simplified IT Lifecycle Management

In the modern digital economy, Information Technology (IT) is essential to run business operations and drive enterprise growth. Without IT, organizations cannot innovate, serve customers, or earn revenues. So, it’s no wonder that a majority of organizations consider IT a vital and valuable asset.

That said, many businesses are struggling to adopt the latest IT tools and technologies they need to operate, grow, and succeed in a competitive marketplace. One reason is the IT talent shortage, which according to Gartner, is the biggest adoption barrier to 64% of emerging technologies. The rising costs of skilled IT staff and specialized IT management tools also stop organizations from investing in IT and capturing the maximum returns from their existing IT investments.

IT-reliant businesses need a way to mitigate the impact of these challenges and make the most of their IT resources.

And they need to do this without having to increase IT team size or invest in expensive tools.

The answer: simplified IT management with an employee IT lifecycle management platform.

Enter Josys.

Save Time and Money with One-click IT Activities

Employee IT lifecycle management is all about managing employees’ IT needs throughout their employment with the organization. One of the goals is to ensure that all employees have uninterrupted access to all the necessary tools. Another is to protect the organization and its data from unauthorized or malicious users.

The process also enables IT teams to manage, control, and optimize the company’s three key crucial and inter-related entities: people, devices, and apps. They can control which of these entities are part of the environment, and take steps to optimize their performance, security, and compliance.

That said, manual employee IT lifecycle management can be cumbersome and overwhelming for already-overstretched IT teams. These problems only exacerbate when more entities are added to the IT estate, expanding its size and complexity, and increasing the management burden for IT teams.

Automation can reduce the overwhelm and simplify employee IT lifecycle management. Josys’ single platform and intuitive interface enable IT staff to effortlessly manage, secure, control, and optimize all company assets – whether they are people, devices, or applications. They can also save time and effort with one-click provisioning and deprovisioning, scheduled tasks, and other useful capabilities. Furthermore, automation eliminates the need for expensive specialized tools, allowing organizations to save money and do much more with their existing human/non-human resources.

Easy Control Over the Entire IT Estate from One Centralized Console

Josys provides a single pane of glass view into any enterprise IT estate, regardless of how complex or sprawling it may be. The platform seamlessly integrates with 100+ cloud apps that are commonly used in organizations worldwide. These include SaaS apps, HR systems, IDPs, and more.

Through these integrations, coupled with its centralized console, the platform updates the inventory of users, devices, and apps, which enables IT teams to keep an eye on all these assets that constitute the IT estate. Advanced visibility also allows them to confirm that these assets are required, authorized, and safe to use. Thus, they can control the entire IT environment and ensure that it functions the way it’s supposed to. Further, centralization and a user-friendly console help to smooth access issues, streamline IT management, and increase IT efficiency and productivity.

Task Scheduling Reduces the Risks of Human Error

In  organizations, it is worryingly common for IT personnel to forget to remove or update the access permissions for employees who have changed roles or left the organization. These mistakes can create serious security holes for businesses and lead to cyberattacks and data breaches. They also increase sprawl in the IT environment, making it harder to control, secure, and cost-optimize.

The Josys platform includes scheduling capabilities that enable IT staff to streamline many repetitive tasks that are prone to errors, including app provisioning and deprovisioning, user onboarding and offboarding, security patching, and more. All they have to do is create a task, add relevant details, and schedule it for a desired date. Josys will execute that task on that date without errors and ensure that the outcomes are exactly as expected.

Josys can even identify errors that have a manual/human source, such as ex-employees who are still connected to the company’s apps or devices. And that’s not all. It will also auto-generate the appropriate tasks and activities to fix the issue before it can result in adverse consequences like a breach.


In an era where IT talent shortages and rising costs are both common problems, the Josys platform can empower enterprises to do a lot more with fewer resources, less time, and less money. Click here to request a free demo of Josys and its time-saving, cost-saving capabilities.

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