What is SaaS Sprawl and How to Overcome Its Challenges

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SaaS Sprawl

What is SaaS Sprawl?

SaaS sprawl happens when an organization uses a lot of SaaS apps; potentially too many or more than it needs. Having an excessive amount of software can pose problems, such as lack of governance security risks, increased costs, and software redundancies. It can happen when different teams within the organization are selecting their own tools, and the company struggles to keep track of them all. This lack of control creates a complex and challenging software environment that is difficult to manage.

Challenges Of SaaS Sprawl To Your Business

  • IT Oversight and Governance: With departments independently choosing their applications, gaining a holistic view of the company’s SaaS usage becomes a formidable task. This scattered approach can result in weak IT governance, hindering the enforcement of consistent policies and standards for all software assets.

  • Data Access and Security: Adopting and using SaaS applications without proper oversight can be risky to an organization. Each new app, if not reviewed properly by IT’s policies, could allow access to apps and data that employees or third parties are not authorized to access, heightening the risk of data breaches and loss of sensitive information. This also applies to employees when they leave an organization and are not properly deactivated from their app access on their end date.

  • Costs: Redundant and underutilized applications can lead to economic inefficiencies. Companies may incur unnecessary costs without a clear overview of all SaaS subscriptions and their usage, adversely affecting their financial health.

  • Operational Redundancies: Multiple tools with similar functions can cause confusion among employees and reduce productivity. Additionally, managing these numerous applications can overstretch IT resources, distracting from more or major strategic tasks.


Best Practices To Reduce SaaS Sprawl

  • Centralization of SaaS Management: Josys provides a comprehensive platform for all your SaaS management needs. Josys eliminates the complexities and inefficiencies of managing numerous disconnected tools by centralizing management. This centralization is crucial in regaining control over SaaS sprawl.

  • Streamlining IT Operations: Josys replaces the need for multiple, disjointed management tools and spreadsheets. It provides a more streamlined approach to IT asset management. A more streamlined approach like this leads to more efficient operations as IT teams can oversee every app from a single, user-friendly platform.

  • Cost Savings and Enhanced Efficiency: Josys excels at identifying unused licenses, which help save cost. By offering insights into software utilization and software costs, organizations can avoid paying for new services, consolidate where needed, and better optimize their IT expenditure.
  • License and Device Management: With Josys, managing licenses and devices becomes straightforward. The platform streamlines the process of assigning licenses, monitoring usage, and tracking corporate devices by employee,  ensuring that IT teams have current resource allocation and utilization data. This is vital for maintaining compliance and avoiding costs on unused licenses and devices.

  • Enhanced Governance: Josys helps IT teams visualize and monitor app access to ensure provisioned employees have appropriate app access. It is essential in safeguarding company data and ensuring compliance with organizational policies. By monitoring access, Josys helps prevent unauthorized entry and potential data breaches.

In conclusion, managing SaaS Sprawl becomes imperative as organizations increasingly rely on SaaS applications. Josys offers a comprehensive solution, streamlining SaaS management, enhancing security, reducing costs, and improving operational efficiency. Try a free demo of Josys by contacting us today!

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