The Importance of SaaS in Employee Lifecycle Management

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Employee Lifecycle Management (ELM) is the management of employees, from their hiring and onboarding stage to when they eventually leave the organization. It is a management process that covers an employee’s journey at an organization. The purpose is to simply give employees the best experience in the organization by making them feel welcomed, supported, and valued, which makes them happy, motivated, and productive. Managing this experience well can ultimately contribute to the overall success of the organization.


Onboarding Optimization 

Josys Streamlines the Onboarding Process

Employee onboarding involves welcoming employees, introducing them to the company, and giving them everything they need to succeed. However, traditional onboarding processes don’t quite hit the mark on these goals. They usually involve cumbersome paperwork, which lacks personal connection and delays the proper introduction and integration of new employees with the information and tools they need to hit the ground running. This often leaves new hires feeling uneasy and struggling in their new roles. That’s where Josys comes in! 

Josys’s advanced SaaS management tools simplify onboarding by making the process more efficient. With this platform, tasks like managing software licenses and devices are automated and centralized, making it easy for new employees to get access to the tools they need without any hiccups. This relieves pressure from IT and HR teams, freeing them up to concentrate on offering support and creating a welcoming environment for new hires.

Once a candidate is hired, Josys’s role-based provisioning comes into play. This feature is important for helping new employees settle in smoothly. With Josys, IT admins can create profiles for different job roles, which means new hires automatically get all the tools and apps they need based on their department or role right from the start. 

For instance, marketing team members can be instantly provisioned with apps like Hubspot and Salesforce, while IT professionals get access to Jira and Atlassian tools, and finance teams with the appropriate accounting software and banking access. 

Furthermore, everyone gets essential tools like Slack and Zoom, ensuring they can communicate and work together on day one. New employees can start working immediately, which makes them feel valued and included right from the start. This boosts their happiness and commitment to the company in the long term.

Ensuring Compliance and Data Security 

Josys is a beacon of assurance, offering solutions meticulously designed to uphold the highest compliance and data security standards. Through its comprehensive SaaS and device management platform, Josys ensures that organizations can confidently and easily navigate the complex web of compliance and data protection requirements.

Josys keeps your organization and workforce data secure and compliant with its central management system. This system gives IT and HR teams a clear view of all software and hardware and who has access to what. This helps spot any security risks, control who can access sensitive info, and make sure only the right people have access.

When it comes to keeping data safe, Josys has it covered. With an ISO certification, strong encryption, secure authentication, and auditing processes, your information is safe from unauthorized access, which is critical when someone leaves the company.


Efficient and Secure Offboarding Procedures 

Josys makes offboarding easy when employees leave by automatically removing their access to company tools and data in a couple simple clicks. This means their access to sensitive information and company assets gets turned off quickly and safely. By deprovisioning access to apps and reclaiming issued devices in a timely manner, you are able to keep proprietary data secure and reclaim company assets.

Another important part of offboarding, when someone leaves, is managing any unprovisioned licenses. Josys facilitates this process by tracking subscriptions, assigned licenses, and active accounts so you can easily re-allocate those licenses to new employees or reduce your monthly licenses, saving you in monthly SaaS costs. 



The journey through employee lifecycle management is revolutionized by Josys, a platform that transforms processes and the fabric of organizational operations. From onboarding to offboarding, Josys redefines efficiency, ensuring a seamless, engaging journey for every employee. It’s not merely about automating tasks; it’s about enhancing experiences and securing data while maintaining compliance.

Discover the change Josys can bring to your organization through our personalized demo to experience the future of employee lifecycle management. Let Josys provide a more efficient, secure, and employee-centric workplace.

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