MSP Technology: Adopting a SaaS Management Platform

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When MSPs consider implementing any new tools, they face integration concerns regarding compatibility with existing tools, operational impact, data security, and ROI. Technology has proven to change the game for many MSPs when it comes to cyber security, endpoint management, help desk automation and more. With the rise of SaaS applications, adopting a SaaS management platform has become top of mind. Many are looking for a platform that can seamlessly integrate with their existing systems to alleviate manual tracking and provisioning of their clients’ SaaS accounts. 

Many MSPs rely on tools like ConnectWise, Intune, Jamf, and IT Glue, which help with service automation, device endpoint management, and IT documentation. Now, with the help of a SaaS management platform, MSPs can automate tasks, maintain their clients’ data security, and deliver maximum returns for their clients and themselves.


Data Security and Compliance

With the SaaS sprawl on the rise, MSPs may be concerned about data security, storage risks, and compliance. SaaS management platforms, like Josys, can address these worries and better secure data and manage access for MSPs and their clients. Key strategies and features include:

  • Encryption: Strong encryption keeps data safe when integrating app and license information.
  • Access Control: Setting permissions to control access to sensitive information within each app.
  • Audit Trails: Detailed audits to track user access, utilization data, and subscription purchases.
  • Regular Security Audits: Easy to check subscriptions and audit access levels to ensure compliance.


Operational Impact

The challenge of adapting to new processes and migrating existing data from a spreadsheet to a cloud-based platform also raises questions around disruption and productivity. Key strategies to ensure a smooth transition to a new platform include:

  • Conduct training on how to use the platform with critical members of your IT team.
  • Implement the SaaS management platform for more time-intensive tasks and clients first to see the value from the get go. 
  • Integrate with as many SaaS apps as possible to reduce time for onboarding and offboarding requests.
  • Identify automated workflows that can be built to save additional time and effort. 


Return on Investment (ROI)

There could also be concerns regarding the returns on a SaaS management platform. Although there is a cost to the platform, the insights it provides can easily offset this expense. 

First is a dollar savings to your clients. A SaaS management platform can surface usage analytics and identify unused licenses available to reallocate or eliminate. Delivering these types of insights to clients is a service level offering that your clients will see as a benefit to their relationship with their MSP. The effort to identify these metrics is minimal for an MSP using a platform like Josys, and the return is a loyal client. 

The internal return on investment is the time and effort it saves your team from provisioning and managing each client’s licenses and subscriptions. With a SaaS management platform, your team can reduce tedious tasks, especially during onboarding and offboarding,  and focus on more strategic efforts that can help your business grow and frees up time to service more customers. 



MSPs must address concerns to make the most of a SaaS Management platform. By integrating a platform like Josys, MSPs can improve client service and enhance their internal efficiency. Ready to revolutionize your MSP operations? Visit our website to learn more about Josys, and contact us for a demo today!

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