How to Save Time & Money with a SaaS Management Platform

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SaaS adoption offers benefits but also raises concerns about data security and compliance. Issues from unmanaged SaaS applications can result in data breaches, operational inefficiencies, and license leakage, resulting in a damaged brand reputation and financial loss. 

A centralized SaaS management platform, like Josys, can help keep SaaS applications organized and secure. It offers top-notch security features, visibility into all managed and unmanaged apps (including shadow IT), and tools for managing access and ensuring compliance.


Identify Cost Optimization Opportunities

Organizations using too many SaaS tools without actively managing purchases and access rights can create SaaS sprawl. Teams might end up using the same tools, paying for ones they don’t use, and finding it hard to determine which ones are helpful, leading to inefficient resource use, allocation, and waste.

Consolidating SaaS costs into one platform is crucial in tackling SaaS sprawl and its hidden expenses. With a unified view, organizations can identify duplicate subscriptions, evaluate app utilization, and allocate budgets wisely. SaaS platform like Josys offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges of SaaS cost management through:

  • Comprehensive Visibility: Josys provides a dashboard that gives IT managers a bird’s-eye view of all SaaS subscriptions and expenditures, bringing hidden costs to light.
  • Detailed Analytics: With Josys, organizations can dive into usage statistics, understanding how each SaaS application contributes to operational goals and where costs can be trimmed.
  • Budgeting: SaaS management platforms help IT teams better forecast and manage their budgets. By identifying and tracking license utilization, organizations can confidently invest and renew SaaS solutions that help them reach their organizational goals.


Reduce Manual SaaS Audits with Integrations & Automations 

Manually managing your SaaS applications by logging in and auditing your applications, or by developing your own custom integrations, can be very challenging. Manually processes are time-consuming and can strain your IT resources. It can also lead to scattered data, hindering decision-making. To make SaaS management easier,  keep these tips in mind when choosing SaaS management solutions:

  • Assess Integrations: Prioritize SaaS tools like Josys, which offer over 240 application  integrations and an open API to ensure real-time license and utilization data is available with a few simple clicks.  
  • Identify Automation Opportunities:  Ask your team, where can you automate IT tasks? Onboarding and offboarding are great ways to reduce manual provisioning. Rather than creating accounts inside each application during onboarding, find a platform that can bulk provision from one application, leveraging those integrations we mentioned. Your IT team can save countless hours by consolidating manual tasks and scheduling the actions to take place in the future.
  • Consider Scalability: Pick a SaaS management platform that can grow and change with your business. This way, they can connect with new tools as your tech setup updates.



While SaaS adoption is beneficial, it comes with specific challenges. Organizations must juggle many different SaaS apps, ensure they’re secure, maintain compliance, monitor hidden costs, and ensure everything is integrated correctly.

A SaaS management tool like Josys simplifies IT management, enhances safety, saves costs, and streamlines IT processes.. Want to change how you handle IT? Schedule a personalized demo today and see firsthand how Josys can save you time and money, while simplifying the complexities of your SaaS assets management.

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