The Evolution of Shadow IT: A Governance Solution for Future Success

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The rise of cloud computing has brought benefits and challenges to IT governance. It has helped businesses scale and work more efficiently, but it also has enabled employees with easy access to tools and software without any IT oversight. 

Signing up for SaaS solutions has become incredibly easy. With free trials and open access applications, there has been a rise in using unauthorized apps, also called shadow IT, within organizations. Emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and edge computing further makes the shadow IT landscape harder to control. Although these technologies boost efficiency, they are often adopted without following standard IT rules, and the decentralized nature of SaaS management in many organizations makes enforcing security policies and data protection measures challenging.


Adaptive IT Policies

As technology evolves, organizations need flexible policies that adapt to current and future tech trends. These policies should support innovation and security; they shouldn’t be too rigid, stifling creativity, or lax, risking the organization’s security. To navigate this balance, IT policies should:

  • Set clear regulations for tech adoption and usage.

  • Establish transparent procedures for accessing and reviewing new tech.

  • Ensure IT and other departments stay connected to maintain data security and compliance while fostering innovation.


Predictions for the Future

Some crucial trends will influence how Shadow IT evolves, affecting how IT is managed and governed. These trends include the proliferation of cloud-based apps and improving cybersecurity protections.

With remote work on the rise, people use their devices and unauthorized apps more often, making shadow IT a more significant issue. IT departments struggle to keep up with tools available and regulate the use, putting the data security and compliance standards at risk. 

On the other hand, as cybersecurity solutions improve, organizations have better ways to identify and address Shadow IT risks. The goal would be to have a proactive IT management approach to automatically detecting and avoiding potential threats.


Preparing for the Future

To handle Shadow IT challenges, organizations need to be proactive and resilient. Robust and efficient SaaS management tools like Josys can help them prepare for and tackle future issues. Here are some tips for IT management and SaaS governance:

  • Enhance Asset Visibility and Control: Josys provides organizations with visibility into all managed and unmanaged apps, helping discover and resolve shadow IT, while ensuring compliance.

  • Empower Employees through Education: Educating employees about shadow IT is vital. As they understand the risks of using unauthorized tech, they will take more ownership of their actions and follow IT policies.

  • Stay Informed on New & Emerging Tech: It is impossible for one IT department to know all the risks of each new application being launched everyday. Offloading app discovery and risk ratings to an expert platform like Josys can help IT identify the use of unsanctioned apps, understand their risks, and help them take action quickly.  



The prevalence of shadow IT continues to grow, driven by the ease of adoption, increasing remote work trends, and the availability of new technologies like AI. However, implementing a robust SaaS management platform like Josys can change this ecosystem. Josys offers a means for effectively managing shadow IT while keeping organizations secure and innovative.

Take the first step towards mastering your IT landscape and mitigating the risks of Shadow IT with Josys. Contact us for a personalized demo and see how our platform can be tailored to your unique IT management needs.

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