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The rise of remote and hybrid work systems has made it crucial to have robust and adaptable IT management systems to support distributed teams, optimize the onboarding process, and manage software and devices. This is where Josys comes in.

Josys is a revolutionary SaaS and Device Management Platform designed to streamline the complexities of IT operations. By offering a holistic approach, Josys grants IT managers 360-degree control over their software and hardware portfolio, making it easier to visualize assets, analyze utilization trends, optimize onboarding, and automate provisioning processes for enhanced efficiency.

Efficient user provisioning is vital for keeping business operations running and getting new employees set up securely and quickly in the company’s IT system. Usually, this requires a lot of manual work, like creating accounts within each application, tracking access rights and utilization, as well as managing the costs!  As the SaaS ecosystem grows, this becomes unmanageable for IT. However, with Josys, organizations can track applications, automate user provisioning, and securely manage their data. Some key features of Josys include:


Centralized Access Control

Navigating the complex landscape of IT infrastructure requires a command center that brings coherence and simplicity to chaos. Josys introduces precisely this: a centralized dashboard that serves as the center for managing a user’s access to various applications and devices.

IT managers can say goodbye to juggling multiple applications or dealing with complicated, out-of-date spreadsheets with this unified platform. Everything IT needs is in one place; they can quickly provision, de-provision, and modify user access rights, ensuring everyone has what they need when they need it.


Automated Workflows

With Josys you can automate workflows to provision applications in bulk on a future date and time, which saves time and automates tedious onboarding tasks. This means new hires have everything they need on day one of the job without any delays or disruptions to their productivity. 


Enhanced Visibility

Another pivotal feature that differentiates Josys is its efficient reporting and analytics capabilities. In IT management, visibility is not just about oversight but insight. Josys offers a comprehensive view of the organization’s managed applications, license utilization, and unsanctioned applications. This enhanced visibility is crucial for making informed decisions, securing data, and addressing high-risk 


Integration Capabilities

Josys also offers robust integration capabilities, seamlessly integrating with hundreds popular apps like Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure, Slack, Zoom, Asana, HubSpot, Adobe, and more. These integrations, which are built and managed by Josys, allows Josys to identify your user accounts inside each app, identify login metrics, and automate bulk provisioning during employee onboarding. Rather than logging in to multiple apps to provision and manage users, Josys centralizes your subscriptions and provisioning within one location, creating more efficiency inside your IT operations and improves the employee onboarding experience.



By offering centralized access control, automated workflows, enhanced visibility through analytics, and seamless integration capabilities, Josys empowers IT managers to streamline user provisioning processes and optimize IT operations effectively. With Josys, businesses can ensure smooth onboarding experiences for new employees while maintaining security and compliance standards. 

For organizations looking to optimize their IT operations and streamline the onboarding process, Josys offers a compelling solution. Discover how Josys can meet your current needs and scale alongside your organization. Contact Josys today for a demo and discover how the platform can simplify IT management.

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