How to Deprovision Employee Access In Seconds, Not Hours

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One of the usually challenging aspects of IT operations is software and application management. This task is usually more difficult in environments where employees frequently change roles, work remotely, or leave the organization. Keeping track of employee app access is crucial and usually challenging amid these changes. This is because, while provisioning and de-provisioning app access, there’s a need to maintain the smooth running of IT operations without compromising security and compliance. This is where Josys comes in.

Josys is a cutting-edge SaaS and device management platform that helps IT departments handle their operations better. It efficiently enhances IT operations by automating key processes, such as provisioning and de-provisioning. It also provides granular access control and efficiently addresses security and shadow IT issues.

Automated Deprovisioning Workflows with Josys

Addressing the challenge of managing app access, Josys automated de-provisioning workflows help simplify IT operations, ensuring access rights are automatically adjusted as employees transition through different phases of their employment lifecycle. The brilliance of Josys’ automated workflows lies in their ability to enforce timely and accurate revocation of access rights. When someone leaves or changes their role in an organization, IT admins can schedule the deprovisioning date and time automatically, removing their access to company apps based on their end time. This automatic de-provisioning process saves time, reduces fire drill headaches, and boosts security by minimizing the chance of unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Granular Access Controls

Complementing its automated workflows, Josys offers granular access controls, which gives IT admins detailed control over access permissions with unparalleled precision. With this feature, IT managers can define access policies for individual applications or data repositories. This level of control ensures that employees have permission levels that give them access to only data and resources necessary for their roles, minimizing potential security risks and ensuring adherence to strict compliance standards. Also, by ensuring that access is precisely aligned with role requirements, Josys helps organizations avoid the sprawl of unnecessary permissions, thereby streamlining IT operations.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Josys also distinguishes itself with its hundreds of application integrations, which are designed to centralize your app and provisioning control with Josys. Rather than logging into every app to provision, deprovision, and manage access controls, IT admins can centralize the control and visibility of all SaaS apps with Josys.  Need to create a user profile or deprovision access of an employee in Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure, Zoom, Slack or another app? You can make those changes from the Josys platform.  These harmonious integrations are pivotal, as it ensures seamless and efficient operations for your IT team.  

Security and Shadow IT Concerns

During offboarding, IT needs to ensure all access is shut down and company data is secure from ex-employees. If some apps are not managed by IT, your data could be at risk. Josys help by identifying applications that users are accessing and surfaces them as “Discovered apps.”  Keeping a close watch like this is critical to stopping unwanted access, ensuring regulatory compliance,and lowering the risk of data leaks.


Efficient app de-provisioning is essential for ensuring data safety, regulatory compliance, and maintaining streamlined IT operations. Josys stands at the forefront of addressing this need, ensuring access rights are handled accurately and quickly without compromising security and efficiency.

Experience the transformative power of Josys for yourself. Contact us for a personalized demo to witness how Josys can enhance your IT operations.

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