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Traditionally, employee offboarding is a complex process involving manual tasks like removing system access and tracking assets. With many employee terminations occurring with very little notice, IT teams typically scramble to revoke access, leading to mistakes, delays, and risks like data breaches and financial losses. Hence, there’s a demand for efficient offboarding solutions that overcome the pitfalls and risks associated with traditional methods.

As a cutting-edge SaaS and device management platform, Josys has been meeting this demand by introducing a more streamlined and modern offboarding approach that makes offboarding easier and more efficient. The platform provides IT managers comprehensive control over their software and hardware, simplifying asset visualization, usage analysis, and automation. 

This results in a more straightforward and streamlined offboarding process for IT. Josys’s approach to employee offboarding includes the following:

  • Automated access revocation

  • Customizable offboarding checklists and workflows

  • Integrated asset management features 


Automated Access Revocation

While traditional offboarding involves manually entering each application and revoking access,  Josys introduces an automated and centralized approach. By revoking access from the Josys platform, an employee’s access is terminated on the date and time set by IT.  Because Josys has integrations with over 240 applications, when someone leaves the company, Josys can immediately stop their access to software applications and company data. This prevents ex-employees from accessing sensitive or company-owned data. In addition, it makes the offboarding process faster and easier than ever before. 


Offboarding Workflows

Josys goes beyond automated access revocation by offering customizable offboarding workflows. This allows organizations to adapt the offboarding process to their requirements, ensuring everything necessary is noticed. 

The significance of these customizable workflows cannot be overstated. They ensure a thorough and consistent offboarding process throughout the organization while lessening the administrative load on HR and IT teams. This streamlining allows these departments to concentrate on more strategic work and be confident that offboarding is handled efficiently.


Device Recovery and Transition

Another integral component of the offboarding process is the recovery and transition of company-owned devices. Josys’s asset management system simplifies this task by providing a comprehensive overview of all assets assigned to an employee. This is crucial for making asset tracking and inventory management smoother. Upon the departure of an employee, IT managers can quickly spot which assets, devices or software licenses need to be recovered and prepare them for reuse or retirement. This keeps company assets well managed, saves costs by preventing loss, and helps optimize asset usage.



As a SaaS and device management platform, Josys provides innovative features that revolutionize employee offboarding, transforming an inefficient, error-prone task into a streamlined, efficient, and secure operation. With automated access revocation, customizable workflows, and device management, Josys provides a complete solution, tackling the challenges of traditional offboarding methods.

For IT managers seeking to modernize their offboarding processes and overcome the limitations of manual procedures, Josys presents a compelling solution. Contact us for a demo today to explore how Josys can streamline your offboarding process, secure your digital environment, and enhance your operational efficiency.

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