Here’s Why IT should be your Organization’s SaaS Governor

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How many departments manage SaaS purchases and usage within your organization?  If it’s more than IT, there could be security risks, budget waste, or efficiency opportunities. IT teams are in the best position to govern all SaaS applications within an organization since they are skilled in handling software, applications, and the overall tech setup of an organization. 

They are also more familiar with security tools that can govern an organization’s SaaS ecosystem properly. For example, SaaS management platforms like Josys empower IT teams to maintain oversight and control over a SaaS setup with minimal effort. Here’s why IT should govern all SaaS applications:

Centralized Control and Visibility

Having IT departments oversee the entire SaaS landscape ensures centralized control, which is crucial for managing multiple applications efficiently. It can also provide visibility into usage patterns and enhance security by monitoring for vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance with license agreements. This helps businesses optimize their software investments and enables informed decision-making.

IT teams can adopt SaaS management platforms to automate and centralize these management activities. For example, Josys is an incredible asset for IT teams as it offers a central dashboard to see and control all SaaS tools used in the company. With Josys, IT can monitor and manage all apps from one place, getting insights into how apps are used so they can optimize licenses.

Security and Compliance

An organization’s SaaS ecosystem can experience security concerns like data breaches, unauthorized user access, and compliance issues, which should be addressed proactively. Having  IT govern SaaS application utilization can help resolve these concerns. They can ensure that SaaS apps are reviewed and approved by IT and follow company policies,mitigating risks like data breaches. 

IT teams can achieve this by leveraging SaaS management platforms like Josys, which provides better oversight and governance of SaaS utilization. With Josys IT teams can manage and approve app usage, set appropriate user access permissions, and identify shadow IT for applications that may be higher-risk to the organization. 

Cost Optimization

Mismanaging SaaS apps can cost organizations a lot. They might end up paying for unused licenses, over spending on expensive subscription plans, or buying redundant apps across the organization if purchasing is decentralized. Proper IT governance can help organizations save money by finding unused and underused licenses, negotiating better deals with vendors, eliminating unnecessary apps, and maximizing the value of software investments. IT teams can leverage Josys for this cost-optimization process. 

With Josys’ analytics, teams can see which licenses are active and which are not, and how to use resources better. This ensures every dime spent on SaaS apps counts. 


IT governance plays a pivotal role in the effective management of SaaS applications, especially with the help of Josys. Josys offers a complete solution for IT departments, tackling control, security, compliance, and cost savings challenges. 

Want to see how Josys can improve your IT operations and SaaS management? Contact us today to schedule a demo and discover firsthand the difference Josys can make in your organization.

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