Bellface Enhances SaaS and Device Management with JOSYS

Bellface Co., Ltd., a leading provider of an online sales system using telephones, holds the distinction of having the largest market share in Japan. As the company experienced rapid growth, especially during the DX shift amid the coronavirus pandemic, it faced challenges in managing its plethora of accounts and devices. To address these issues, Bellface turned to JOSYS.

The Challenge

Bellface’s growth brought forth several challenges:

  • Preparation for Listing: The company needed to strengthen its SaaS and device management systems in anticipation of listing.
  • Decentralized SaaS Implementation: Different departments were introducing various SaaS tools, leading to losses in cost and communication efficiency.
  • Time-Consuming Management: Managing SaaS and devices for new hires and departures took 3 to 4 business days every month.


The JOSYS Solution

Implementing JOSYS led to:

  • Efficiency in Onboarding and Offboarding: The time required for these processes was halved to 1 to 2 business days monthly, translating to an annual cost saving of 3 million yen.
  • Centralized Management: About 15 SaaS services and 680 devices were visualized and linked to the employee ledger.
  • Integration of Analog Ledgers: Ledgers that were previously separated by purpose were integrated into JOSYS.


The Results

Post JOSYS implementation:

  • Operational Efficiency: Bellface experienced a significant reduction in the time and costs associated with managing SaaS and devices.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The company could now easily track who was using which tools and devices.
  • Cost Savings: The streamlined processes led to a cost reduction of 3 million yen annually.



Bellface Co., Ltd.’s collaboration with JOSYS underscores the importance of efficient SaaS and device management for rapidly growing companies. By leveraging JOSYS, Bellface not only optimized its operations but also realized substantial cost savings, setting a benchmark for other companies in the internet sector.

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