How Dely saved time on IT Operations using Josys

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Dely Co., Ltd.**, a leading Japanese company that has developed Kurasil, the No. 1 recipe video platform in Japan, faced an urgent issue of improving the efficiency of complex information systems. The company’s vision, “BE THE SUN”, led them to diversify their business, but this also resulted in intricate and difficult-to-manage systems.

In their pursuit of growth and organizational agility, Dely’s information system was entrusted to just two individuals, leading to burdensome responsibilities and inefficiencies. The introduction of Josys’ IT outsourcing, a one-stop service from kitting to IT asset management, helped solve this issue, reducing the time spent by 80%.

The challenge

The company’s information system was handled by Mr. Yamada and Mr. Goto. Managing everything from planning and budgeting to provisioning SaaS accounts became cumbersome. The complexity of tracking employee devices and SaaS accounts led to difficulties in internal explanations, cost-effectiveness, and budget management

The solution

  • Visualization of assets: Josys helped visualize device management. It transitioned the company from manual spreadsheets to an organized ledger. This allowed easy explanations to the management team and substantially reduced the internal cost of explanations.
  • One-Stop Service: Josys provided a full service for kitting and IT device ledger management, aligning it with Dely’s existing processes. The integration ensured ease of use and optimized management.
  • SaaS app integrations: The ability to integrate tools like Slack with Josys’ system allowed for a smoother onboarding process.

The results

  • 80% Reduction in time spent by IT: Josys’ one-stop service streamlined operations, allowing the company to focus on core activities.
  • Transparent Device Management: The introduction of Josys created a clear ledger for tracking devices and accounts, reducing confusion and inefficiencies.
  • Quality Outsourcing: Josys was able to deliver on kitting and IT outsourcing without sacrificing quality. 


Dely’s journey with Josys illustrates how a targeted IT outsourcing solution can dramatically improve efficiency and free up essential resources. By choosing Josys, Dely was able to align its complex needs with a flexible and efficient solution, solidifying its status as a leader in the food and lifestyle fields in Japan.

For companies facing similar challenges, Josys offers an effective approach that can be tailored to specific needs, fostering growth, agility, and a focus on what matters most.

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