Streamlining SaaS and Inventory Management at Coconala Co.

The company sought to overcome challenges such as the ever-growing number of SaaS accounts, and keeping IT device management up to date.

Coconala Co., Ltd. is a provider of a unique skill-matching platform, allowing people to buy and sell skills, knowledge, and experience. With their listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (now the Growth Market) in 2021 and subsequent sales expansion, improving the efficiency of employee SaaS account management became crucial. The company sought to overcome challenges such as the ever-growing number of SaaS accounts, and keeping IT device management up to date.


The challenge

  • Approximately 80 internal SaaS services made centralizing account management arduous, leading to limited security oversight.
  • Department-specific SaaS account requests were difficult due to unclear usage patterns or lack of administrative authority.
  • Keeping track of retired employees’ accounts and managing SaaS access privileges presented challenges.
  • Inability to ascertain who was using specific devices and their return timelines.

The solution

  • Intelligent SaaS Management: Josys provided centralized control of over 80 SaaS services, enabling automation in account revision, abolishment, and bulk operations.
  • Enhanced Inventory Control: Provided an automated inventory management solution, enabling Coconala Co., Ltd. to link and manage user accounts with IT devices
  • Responsive Support and Continuous Development: With a functional help desk, hands-on introduction support, and rapid feature releases, Josys ensured smooth implementation, and alignment with Coconala’s unique needs, while providing a solid foundation for further customization and growth.


The results

  • Cost saving: Approximately 720,000 yen saved annually, with man-hours halved for managing employee onboarding and offboarding.
  • Enhanced Security Management: Visualized SaaS accounts leading to more secure, efficient management, and decreased anxiety.
  • Facilitated Auditing and Governance: Ideal for audits with the ability to visualize SaaS usage, device ownership status, lease and purchase list management.


Coconala Co., Ltd.’s implementation of Josys significantly transformed the efficiency of their SaaS account management and inventory control. By aligning with the company’s scaling phase, Josys demonstrated its capabilities in both quantitative and qualitative terms, improving the overall efficiency and security of the company. The customization and responsive support from Josys’s team make it an indispensable solution for Coconala’s future growth.

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