CancerScan Streamlines SaaS Management and Enhances Security with JOSYS

CancerScan Inc., a prominent player in the Medical/Healthcare ICT sector, has been on a mission to make society healthier. Founded in 2008, the company collaborates with local governments nationwide to develop preventive medical care businesses. As the company grew, so did its challenges.

The Challenge

CancerScan faced several hurdles:

  • Decentralized SaaS implementation across departments made company-wide account management impossible.
  • The account inventory process was complex and couldn’t be executed regularly.
  • Management of employee mobiles and apps lagged behind the company’s growth.


The Solution

Turning to JOSYS, CancerScan experienced:

  • A significant reduction in inventory work, saving approximately 64 hours annually.
  • The ability to automatically detect shadow IDs, enhancing security.
  • Streamlined account registration and deletion, reducing stress and improving efficiency.


The Results

Post-JOSYS implementation, CancerScan noted:

  • A drastic decrease in the time spent on account inventory, allowing more focus on core operations like security system development.
  • Enhanced account and device management, leading to better governance and security.
  • The ability to instantly search and manage employee information, resulting in significant time savings.

In an insightful conversation with Mr Mamoru Mito from the Corporate IT Team, he elaborated on the company’s challenges and the transformative impact of JOSYS. He highlighted the importance of centralized management and the benefits of automating routine tasks to focus on strengthening security.


CancerScan Inc.’s partnership with JOSYS underscores the importance of efficient SaaS management in today’s digital age. By leveraging JOSYS, CancerScan not only streamlined its operations but also fortified its security infrastructure, setting a benchmark for other companies in the Medical/Healthcare ICT sector.

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