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Euglena Enhances IT Management with JOSYS

Euglena Co., Ltd., a biotechnology and food company listed on the TSE Prime, faced challenges in their IT management due to the absence of dedicated information system personnel. With a growing need for digital transformation (DX) and IT strategy planning, the company sought a solution to streamline their operations.

The Challenge

  • Lack of Dedicated IT Staff: The company suffered from chronic underutilization due to the absence of dedicated IT personnel.
  • Need for DX Promotion: The company wanted to focus on promoting DX and planning IT strategies but lacked the time.
  • Analog Management: The company relied on Excel for ledger management, leading to missed updates.


The JOSYS Solution

After implementing JOSYS, Euglena Co., Ltd. achieved:

  • Centralized Management: The company could manage SaaS and devices linked to employees centrally.
  • Efficient SaaS Operations: The system improved the efficiency of SaaS issuance and deletion operations, preventing omissions related to employee onboarding and offboarding.
  • No Need for Dedicated IT Personnel: With JOSYS, the company built a system that allowed IT operations to be carried out without a dedicated person.


The Results

  • Unified Management: By linking devices and SaaS accounts to employees, the company achieved unified management of both software and hardware.
  • Streamlined Account Management: The company utilized JOSYS for account management of 10 main SaaS services, ensuring efficient account issuance and deletion.
  • Future Goals: Euglena Co., Ltd. aims to use JOSYS for managing IT devices for all employees, including PCs and security USB devices, transitioning away from analog management using Excel.



Euglena Co., Ltd.’s collaboration with JOSYS showcases the transformative power of centralized IT management, especially for companies in the biotechnology and food industry. By leveraging JOSYS, Euglena Co., Ltd. not only optimized its IT operations but also set the foundation for future growth and digital transformation.

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