iYell Tackles Massive Device Management Challenges Head-On with JOSYS

iYell Co., Ltd. is a trailblazer in the Housing/Real Estate and IT sectors, particularly as a mortgage tech startup. With a heartfelt mission of creating a "world where we support each other," iYell leverages cutting-edge technology to assist countless individuals in achieving their dream of homeownership. As they proudly wear the badge of "Japan's best start-up company," their rapid expansion and innovative initiatives brought forth unique challenges, especially in the realm of device management.

The Challenge

  • The company’s exponential growth led to the introduction of over 1,500 devices, making their management a colossal task.
  • As the workforce expanded, ensuring efficient device management for each employee became increasingly intricate.
  • The traditional method of using Excel for device management started showing its limitations, leading to complexities and inevitable delays in accessing pivotal information.


The Solution

Recognizing the pressing need for a more streamlined approach, iYell turned to JOSYS:

  • JOSYS’s robust system enhanced the searchability of device information, ensuring that essential data was always at the fingertips of the team.
  • The platform’s design focused on improving the authenticity of the device asset ledger, effectively preventing issues like duplicate registrations.
  • One of JOSYS’s standout features was its ability to provide a clear and comprehensive view of the management screen, a boon, especially when multiple devices were loaned to individual employees.


The Results

  • The management of the vast array of devices across the company became significantly more efficient, with JOSYS acting as the backbone of this transformation.
  • Business productivity saw a marked improvement, with JOSYS streamlining various processes, including device confirmation work.
  • The platform’s design ensured enhanced visibility, making it easy to determine who was in charge of which devices, thus simplifying administrative tasks.


For iYell Co., Ltd., the integration of JOSYS into its operational framework was nothing short of transformative. The platform not only simplified their intricate device management processes but also played a pivotal role in bolstering their overall operational efficiency. 

As iYell continues its journey of innovation and growth in the Housing/Real Estate and IT sectors, JOSYS stands as a testament to the power of integrating the right technological solutions for organizational success.

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