iYell Transforms IT Device Management with JOSYS

iYell Co., Ltd., operating in the Housing/Real Estate and IT sectors, faced significant challenges in their IT management due to limited staffing and analog methods. The company sought a comprehensive solution to streamline their IT operations and improve efficiency.

The Challenge:

  • Limited IT Staff: With only one person overseeing information systems, the company struggled to recruit additional IT personnel.
  • Operational Burden: The company faced a heavy workload related to PC kitting and SaaS account issuance, especially when employees joined or left the company.
  • Analog Asset Ledger Management: iYell relied on analog methods, using spreadsheets for asset ledger management, leading to outdated and unmanageable records.


The JOSYS Solution:

After implementing JOSYS, iYell Co., Ltd. achieved:

  • Efficient SaaS Management: The time required for SaaS account issuance was reduced to approximately 1/3 of the original time.
  • Centralized PC Management: JOSYS centralized the purchasing, kitting, and management of approximately 350 PCs.
  • Digital Transition: The company successfully transitioned from analog ledger management using spreadsheets to a more efficient and digital approach.


The Results:

  • Streamlined PC Setup: From purchasing to kitting outsourcing, all PC-related tasks were streamlined, making JOSYS a valuable ally for the understaffed IT department.
  • Comprehensive IT Device Management: iYell managed IT devices for all employees using JOSYS, eliminating the need for analog spreadsheet management.
  • Efficient Account Issuance: By linking with numerous internal SaaS systems, account issuance work was reduced by approximately 1/3.
  • End-to-End PC Management: All PC replacements, from purchase to management, were seamlessly handled by JOSYS.



iYell Co., Ltd.’s partnership with JOSYS showcases the transformative power of centralized IT management for companies in the Housing/Real Estate and IT sectors. By leveraging JOSYS, iYell not only streamlined its IT operations but also significantly enhanced its operational efficiency.

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