JPYC Achieves Efficient IT Device Management and Boosts Remote Work Productivity with JOSYS

JPYC Co., Ltd., with its mission to "break through social dilemmas," has been pioneering in the retail industry, especially with its innovative prepaid Japanese yen stable coin "JPYC". As the company expanded its horizons, the complexities of managing IT devices for its fully remote workforce became a pressing concern.

The Challenge

JPYC Co., Ltd. grappled with several challenges:

  • Complex IT device management methods made registration and verification burdensome.
  • Lack of a centralized system to track device ownership, leading to time-consuming confirmations.
  • Absence of a structured account inventory flow, hindering regular inventory checks.


The Solution

Recognizing the need for a streamlined approach, JPYC Co., Ltd. turned to JOSYS:

  • Visualization of devices used by each employee, significantly cutting down verification time.
  • Establishment of an account inventory system, simplifying the inventory process.
  • Reduction in device and SaaS account management tasks, conserving valuable internal resources.


The Results

With the integration of JOSYS:

  • Significant reduction in SaaS account management man-hours.
  • Enhanced remote work system, promoting efficient non-face-to-face communication.
  • Streamlined device management, bolstering security and operational efficiency.

In a conversation with Mr. Hirose and Mr. Matsumoto from the company’s infrastructure department, they emphasized the user-friendliness and efficiency of JOSYS compared to other tools. The platform’s centralized management and intuitive interface made it an indispensable asset for the company.



JPYC Co., Ltd.’s partnership with JOSYS exemplifies the transformative potential of effective IT asset management. By embracing JOSYS, JPYC not only optimized its operations but also strengthened its commitment to realizing a smoother society through technological advancements.

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