LIGHTz Streamlines IT Asset Management and Bolsters Cloud Service Security with JOSYS

LIGHTz Co., Ltd., a frontrunner in the internet and consulting industry, offers a diverse range of services from system development to cloud solutions for its proprietary products. As the company expanded, the challenges of managing IT assets and ensuring robust security measures became evident.

The Challenge

LIGHTz faced several hurdles:

  • Managing hardware listings and ledgers in Excel was cumbersome.
  • Identifying a service tailored to the company’s needs was challenging.
  • Account management for various apps and cloud services posed issues.


The Solution

LIGHTz turned to JOSYS to address these challenges:

  • JOSYS enabled easy visualization and management of hardware terminal ledgers.
  • Comprehensive introduction support ensured smooth data transfer and utilization.
  • Automatic updates and visualization of members and ledgers were achieved by linking apps, enhancing security.


The Results

Post-JOSYS implementation, LIGHTz experienced:

  • Simplified ledger management, eliminating the need for complex Excel sheets.
  • Enhanced security measures, ensuring no overlooked account deletions or missed updates.
  • Improved visibility into cloud service costs and contract periods.

In a conversation with Mr. Kenta Tanaka from the Information Systems Department, he emphasized the ease of use and comprehensive support provided by JOSYS. The platform’s ability to centralize and simplify IT asset management made it an invaluable tool for the company.



LIGHTz Co., Ltd.’s collaboration with JOSYS highlights the importance of efficient IT asset management in today’s digital age. By leveraging JOSYS, LIGHTz not only streamlined its operations but also fortified its commitment to providing top-notch cloud services and solutions.

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