Lilabok Centralized Over 700 Assets Across its Nationwide Stores with JOSYS

Lilabok Co., Ltd. is at the forefront of expanding the possibilities of aesthetic medicine. Offering comprehensive consulting services, from product design to store management and marketing, they cater to a diverse clientele, including medical corporations and individual practitioners. In an industry where authenticity and transparency are paramount, Lilabok stands out by supporting high-quality cosmetic medical services. However, as the company grew, managing information assets became increasingly challenging.

The Challenge

The company grappled with several issues:

  • Individualized device and SaaS account management.
  • Difficulty in emphasizing the importance of information asset management.
  • Challenges in client-side asset management.

Mr. Uchida from the information systems department elaborated on these challenges, highlighting the complications of managing assets on spreadsheets and the increasing burden as the company expanded.


The Solution

In search of an efficient asset management tool, Mr. Uchida discovered JOSYS. Attracted by its capability to manage not just IT devices but also other assets like security cards, he found JOSYS’s intuitive UI to be a game-changer. The trial phase confirmed its potential, leading to its official implementation.

The Results

Post-JOSYS implementation:

  • Centralized management of devices and SaaS accounts.
  • Enhanced awareness about security risks and the importance of information asset management.
  • Centralized client-side asset management, leading to reduced costs.

Mr. Uchida emphasized the convenience of JOSYS, allowing for a comprehensive view of app and device usage. Moreover, the flexibility of JOSYS to manage assets for their clients, with over 700 devices under management, showcased its scalability and adaptability.



Lilabok Co., Ltd.’s partnership with JOSYS underscores the transformative power of efficient asset management. By leveraging JOSYS, Lilabok not only streamlined its operations but also fortified its commitment to providing top-tier services in the aesthetic medicine industry.

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