My Best Optimizes IT Management with JOSYS as an Efficient SaaS Management System

My Best Co., Ltd., an internet-based company, faced challenges in their IT management, particularly with the unclear usage and costs of SaaS implementations across various departments. The company sought a solution to streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

The Challenge

  • Unclear SaaS Usage and Costs: Different departments were implementing SaaS, making it difficult to track actual usage and associated costs.
  • Analog Asset Ledger Management: The company relied on analog operations for asset ledger management, leading to ledger deficiencies.
  • Heavy Workload: The tasks of issuing and deleting SaaS accounts, as well as inventory management, were burdensome.


The JOSYS Solution

After implementing JOSYS, My Best Co., Ltd. achieved:

  • Centralized Management: The company could centrally manage approximately 20 SaaS services and around 700 devices by linking them to employees.
  • Strengthened Ledger Management: The system eradicated ledger deficiencies by automatically linking PC purchasing and ledger management.
  • Streamlined Operations: JOSYS centralized and streamlined ledger updates and SaaS account issuance and deletion.


The Results

  • Integrated Management: My Best Co., Ltd. built a flow for integrated management of SaaS and devices, enhancing security and business efficiency.
  • Transition from Analog to Digital: By using JOSYS, the company moved away from analog management using spreadsheets to a more efficient digital system.
  • Automated Ledger Updates: With the purchase of a PC, it’s automatically added to the IT device ledger, ensuring accurate and timely updates, eliminating the issues of forgotten ledger entries.
  • Efficient SaaS Management: JOSYS streamlined the management of usage status and the issuance and deletion of accounts for approximately 20 SaaS services.



My Best Co., Ltd.’s collaboration with JOSYS demonstrates the benefits of centralized IT management for internet-based companies. By leveraging JOSYS, My Best Co., Ltd. not only optimized its IT operations but also enhanced security and business efficiency.

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