Omasu Consultants Simplified IT Asset Management and Enhanced Operational Efficiency with JOSYS

Founded in 1961, Omasu Consultants Co., Ltd. has been a stalwart in the construction consulting industry for over half a century. Based in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, the company has been pivotal in shaping the lifelines that enrich people's lives. However, as the digital age dawned, the company faced challenges in improving productivity using IT tools. Their journey led them to JOSYS.

The Challenge

The company grappled with several issues:

  • The increasing burden of asset management work leads to the inability of department personnel to focus on their original duties.
  • Each department managed assets in Excel, hindering real-time data collection.

Mr. Torii from the in-house DX department shed light on these challenges, emphasizing the inefficiencies of managing assets on spreadsheets and the need for a centralized system.


The Solution

In their quest for an efficient asset management tool, Mr. Torii discovered JOSYS. Impressed by its capabilities and a swift response from the sales team, the company decided to implement JOSYS as its primary asset management tool.


The Results

Post-JOSYS implementation:

  • Centralized asset management operations at the headquarters.
  • Real-time visualization of management status through cloud-based tools.

Mr. Torii highlighted the stability and user-friendliness of JOSYS, emphasizing its efficiency in a telework environment. The tool’s adaptability and responsiveness to user feedback further solidified its value to the company.



Omasu Consultants Co., Ltd.’s collaboration with JOSYS underscores the transformative power of efficient IT asset management. By leveraging JOSYS, Omasu not only streamlined its operations but also fortified its commitment to driving digital transformation in the construction consulting industry.

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