Root Enhanced IT Asset Management and Security Efficiently with JOSYS

Root Co., Ltd., with its vision of "Design Doing for More," has been a trailblazer in the realms of IT consulting, advertising, design, and events. Established in 2012, Root has consistently grown, offering innovative solutions in service design, business development, and organizational design. A unique aspect of their business model involves collaborating with external members tailored to specific projects, ensuring agility from planning to execution. However, this approach brought forth challenges in device and SaaS account management.

The Challenge

  • Difficulty in tracking the type and duration of device usage by individuals.
  • Challenges in managing accounts for web applications utilized by individuals.
  • The dynamic nature of external members, changing daily, made group-specific management a daunting task.


The Solution

Root identified JOSYS as the solution to their growing challenges:

  • JOSYS enabled detailed tracking of device usage, specifying who uses which device, when, and for how long.
  • The platform allowed for the consolidation of the management ledger by adjusting access privileges.
  • Centralized management of group-specific members was realized, significantly reducing the administrative workload.


The Results

  • Comprehensive visibility into individual device usage patterns and durations.
  • Streamlined management of SaaS accounts, ensuring efficient and secure access.
  • Enhanced group-specific member management, leading to reduced administrative tasks and improved operational efficiency.



For Root Co., Ltd., JOSYS emerged as a pivotal tool in addressing its unique operational challenges. The platform’s capabilities in unifying device and SaaS account management have not only streamlined Root’s operations but also bolstered its commitment to delivering top-tier services. As they continue to grow and collaborate with diverse external members, JOSYS remains a cornerstone in ensuring efficiency and security in their endeavors.

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