SAMURAI Streamlines Operations with JOSYS, Improving IT and SaaS Management

SAMURAI Co., Ltd. stands as a beacon in the IT and education sector, passionately committed to offering bespoke IT education services. With a noble mission of "providing high-quality IT education to everyone," SAMURAI envisions producing innovators who can contribute to global peace. As the company grew, it grappled with the complexities of managing a myriad of SaaS systems and ensuring efficient device management for its burgeoning workforce.

The Challenge

  • A proliferation of SaaS systems across the company resulted in a significant administrative burden.
  • As the company expanded, device management for each employee became increasingly challenging.
  • Relying on spreadsheets for management became untenable, often leading to delays in accessing crucial information.


The Solution

Recognizing the need for a more efficient system, SAMURAI turned to JOSYS:

  • JOSYS’s capabilities allowed for the swift identification and status modification of accounts that were no longer in use, particularly those of former employees.
  • The platform ensured a seamless alignment between theoretical inventories and actual physical counts, especially concerning loaned devices.
  • With JOSYS, SAMURAI could, at a glance, determine the ownership of specific devices and SaaS accounts, streamlining administrative tasks.


The Results

  • The introduction of JOSYS led to a more centralized and efficient management system for devices and SaaS accounts.
  • The visibility into registered SaaS accounts was significantly enhanced, leading to the early detection and management of dormant accounts.
  • Overall work efficiency saw a marked improvement, with both devices and SaaS being managed centrally for each employee.



For SAMURAI Co., Ltd., the decision to integrate JOSYS into its operations proved transformative. The platform not only simplified their IT asset management processes but also bolstered their operational efficiency. As SAMURAI continues to grow and evolve, JOSYS stands as a testament to the power of leveraging the right tools for organizational success.

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