Slogan Achieved Seamless IT Asset Management and Enhanced Operational Efficiency with JOSYS

Slogan Co., Ltd., with its mission to "continue to create new industries by drawing out people's potential and optimally allocating talent," has been at the forefront of addressing distortions in the labor market. Their services, such as "Goodfind," aim to support new graduates, mid-career professionals, and startups. However, as the company grew, challenges in IT asset management became evident.

The Challenge

The company faced several issues:

  • Managing approximately 220 employees, including outsourced workers, part-time workers, and interns.
  • Handling about 40 SaaS installations, with some tools introduced independently by various departments.
  • Relying on spreadsheets for SaaS account management, leading to increased complexity and management time.
  • Spending 60-70% of work time on PC kitting, detracting from core responsibilities.
  • Deleting accounts post-employee departure required significant man-hours.

Mr. Sugiura from the information systems department highlighted the inefficiencies and the need for a more streamlined system.


The Solution

Upon researching various tools, Slogan Co., Ltd. identified JOSYS as a comprehensive solution that could manage both SaaS accounts and PC kitting. Slogan Co., Ltd. recognized an opportunity to address its challenges:

  • Centralizing SaaS account management, eliminating the need for spreadsheet management.
  • Outsourcing PC kitting, reducing the operational burden to almost zero.
  • Linking devices and licenses to individuals, streamlining account management processes.


The Results

Post-JOSYS implementation:

  • Visualization of SaaS account status, significantly reducing operational burdens.
  • Outsourcing of PC kitting, eliminating its operational burden.
  • Freed-up time allowed for forward-looking business planning.
  • Reduced risk of forgetting to delete accounts when employees leave the company.
  • Improved operational efficiency, allowing for more strategic planning and forward-looking business initiatives.

Mr. Sugiura emphasized the benefits of central account management and expressed hope for further enhancements, such as grouping and department management features.



Slogan Co., Ltd.’s collaboration with JOSYS underscores the transformative power of efficient IT asset management. By leveraging JOSYS, Slogan not only streamlined its operations but also fortified its commitment to providing added value to its employees in the human resources industry.

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