Space Market Streamlines SaaS Management with JOSYS

Space Market Co., Ltd., a prominent player in the internet industry, operates a unique "platform for sharing places." Since its listing in 2019, the company has witnessed significant growth, expanding its services and member base. However, with growth came challenges, especially in the realm of SaaS account management.

The Challenge:

As Space Market expanded, it faced several hurdles:

  • Decentralized SaaS Implementation: With different departments implementing SaaS solutions, it became challenging to track who was using what.
  • Lack of Dedicated Information System: The company lacked a dedicated system, making the management of employee onboarding and offboarding time-consuming.
  • Account Deletion for Retired Employees: Ensuring that accounts of retired employees were deleted without omissions was a pressing concern.


The JOSYS Solution:

To combat these challenges, Space Market turned to JOSYS:

  • Reduced Management Time: The time required for onboarding and offboarding processes was cut down to a third.
  • Efficient Account Management: The system allowed for the visualization, issuance, and deletion of accounts, reducing the mental stress associated with these tasks.
  • Detection and Deletion of Redundant Accounts: JOSYS helped in identifying and eliminating unnecessary accounts.


The Results

Upon implementing JOSYS:

  • Operational Efficiency: The company saw a drastic reduction in the man-hours required for managing employee admissions and exits.
  • Enhanced Security: With the centralized management function, the company could ensure that accounts of retired employees were deleted, minimizing security risks.
  • Financial Oversight: Yuta Tokumitsu, the CFO, expressed interest in expanding JOSYS’s application to ledger management, emphasizing its potential in streamlining financial processes, especially for listed companies.



Space Market Co., Ltd.’s partnership with JOSYS highlights the importance of efficient SaaS management for growing companies. By leveraging JOSYS, Space Market not only enhanced its operational efficiency but also fortified its security measures, setting a benchmark for other companies in the internet domain.

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