Spectee’s Journey to Secure Efficient Device Management with JOSYS

Spectee Co., Ltd., a pioneer in disaster prevention, AI, and technology, is driven by its mission to "visualize crises." Through their innovative product "Spectee Pro," they analyze global data to provide real-time information on disasters and risks. Despite its technological advancements, Spectee faced challenges in device and SaaS account management, especially with its rapidly growing workforce.

The Challenge

  • Device management was fragmented across departments, relying on spreadsheets.
  • The surge in personnel made new employee support and account management lag behind.
  • Semiconductor shortages disrupted the synchronization of PC procurement with kitting.


The Solution

Spectee turned to JOSYS to address these challenges:

  • Centralized cloud-based device management reduced manual errors and administrative efforts.
  • A unified system streamlined the entire process from PC procurement to kitting.
  • Visual tools offered clarity on managed devices and SaaS accounts, alleviating psychological stress.


The Results

  • Efficient device management, with a clear view of who uses which device and for how long.
  • Reduced kitting time by two-thirds, thanks to JOSYS’s comprehensive handling.
  • Enhanced remote work support with easy device procurement and shipping processes.



For Spectee Co., Ltd., JOSYS has been instrumental in transforming their device and SaaS management processes. The platform’s capabilities have not only simplified operations but also ensured that Spectee remains agile and efficient in its mission to provide cutting-edge disaster prevention solutions. As they continue to grow and innovate, JOSYS stands as a vital partner in their journey.

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