Tatenokawa Sake Brewery Streamlines SaaS Management and Bolsters DX Efforts with JOSYS

Tatenokawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., with a rich history spanning 190 years in Yamagata Prefecture, has been dedicated to producing high-quality sake and promoting it globally. While traditionally "sake breweries" are perceived as challenging environments for Digital Transformation (DX), Tatenokawa has been pioneering "Sake Brewery DX" to modernize its operations.

The Challenge

Tatenokawa faced several challenges:

  • Absence of a dedicated information system team, making SaaS utilization difficult.
  • As the company eyed business expansion and potential future listing, there was a need for a robust SaaS management foundation.
  • With the anticipated increase in SaaS users, concerns arose about managing permissions, accounts, and materials.


The Solution

Tatenokawa turned to JOSYS to address these challenges:

  • Established a foundation for easy goods and authority management.
  • Enabled DX of time-consuming tasks, boosting productivity.
  • Provided a sense of security by minimizing risks associated with company growth.


The Results

Post-JOSYS implementation, Tatenokawa experienced:

  • A shift from manual Excel-based management to centralized data visualization.
  • Enhanced management of information devices and members.
  • Reduced human errors, ensuring a more secure operational environment.

In a detailed conversation with Mr. Kawaguchi, the executive officer of Tatenokawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., he shed light on the company’s DX efforts, the introduction of IT services, and the benefits of JOSYS. He emphasized the importance of laying the groundwork for an information management system comparable to that of a listed company early on.



Tatenokawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.’s collaboration with JOSYS highlights the transformative power of DX even in traditional industries. By leveraging JOSYS, Tatenokawa not only modernized its operations but also ensured a secure and efficient management system, paving the way for future growth and potential listing.

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